Magha Nakshatra

Magha Nakshtra
Magha Nakshatra: Magha males are respectful and quiet and try very hard not to humiliate anyone. The divine area of the God Hari the top 3 is known as Magha Nakshatra which is from 10 to 23.30 degree in Makara rashi is governed by the Moon all the time and shown in the sign of three footprints. It is holy field for the birth of Saraswati which leads the field bright with the radiance of knowledge and intelligence. Hence it denotes the highest education. It is placed from 0 to 13.20 degree in simha. Ravi is the god of the deity "Pitrigan". Properties- the quality and assistant of the family of father, prosperous, beauty, powers, shine, superiority, acuteness, dignity, status, replacement, knowledge, ability and longing for donation --- all of those are affected by the Magha.

Magha is the reason of light. So, old and dark planets can’t stand in it. Magha denotes noble wishes and motivations. The reward of Magha should always be a noble gift. It is described as a glorious star. It is the Kalpurusha’s nose. Who born in the Magha are reserved, so attractive and capable of comforts and has wives are also reserved in nature. They are learned, holy and sacrifice things. They are cruel, they regard their father, annihilated their foes. They are ruthless in spoken, bulky body.

The person of the Magha Nakshatra are thinker and clever. They will gain lots of wisdom in their life. They have the enormous stability of mind, clarity of soul, loving heart, caring approach, true in manner, full of courage and virtuous at the core. Those are good orator and received love and regard. The Magha men work hard and have much ability in various fields. If he shows his temper, it is because people have done such that upsets him at large. Usually, he is a helpful customer who is not recognised or awarded whatever he does in his life. They are wealthy and are not easily persuaded if they have made a decision. He enjoys a happy family life with his wife. They are suffered from Asthma and sometimes they are night blind.

The women are exactly opposite to the man in the Magha Nakshatra. They are extremely gorgeous. They help people in their adverse conditions. But they have the tendency for quarrel and conflicts with the members of the family. If peace is in control, the Magha females must train her-self to become cool and calm. They are very religious. They know that their life depend on their belief and acts so. She adores luxury and prefers those types of job which will lead her in that life. Their hubbies are rich. They may suffer from the uterus and are tended to blood disorders.

She has the most eye-catching and striking features. If the planet Saturn controls the planet Moon in this star, she possesses long and lovely hairs. She is charitable. If the planet Jupiter is located in this star, she will job in a very high post. She will be queen, i.e. she will marry a prosperous person. She has good children. The first one may be a son but the next two will be daughters.