Ashwini Nakshatra

Ashwini Nakshatra
Those, born in the Ashwini Nakshatra have interest in the opposite gender. Both the man and woman have vivid, appealing eyes and a gorgeous face. The men of this Ashwini Nakshatra are strong willed as the Sun is changing his position. They work very well. His friend is grateful to him because he knows how to make the friends feeling better, though he is not easily cheered up.

He is careful and logical. The Ashwini male is fond of the music and is capable of performing many works. His love for class may cause him waste more than he need. In case of family life, he has the complexity because he is inflexible in attitude. It may make him difficult to deal with. Nevertheless he loves them and he will have sons instead of daughters.

Those men trust in God and are open in the belief of others faith. Ashwini females are adorable and are familiar with good speaking. They are polite and adored by many people. Those females marry in the young age and end up her career with daughters instead of sons.

They incline not to job after 50 years of age as they have made terms for a pleasant financial future. Those females are not overwhelmed by a countless of illness. Concerning about life and other things lead their problem on the latter half of life. However, it is right for those females to maintain a good balance and not to make the things more problematic than they are. A calm nature will help them greatly.

The resident can come out to be very calm, though they are able for getting their job done ignored and in case the resident born from 14th April to 28th April, the Sun will be transiting its adulation place in Ashwini and from 14th October to 28th October, the Sun will be transiting its exhaustion period in Svati. Even the God of Death, Yama can’t change their obstinate attitude.

Those people who born in the Ashwini Nakshatra of the other months will have less obstinacy. They will stay loyal to those who adore them and will not vacillate to give up anything for such kind of person. They need best friend who realize him. He keeps his nerve even at the time of great danger. But it can be the hurricane task to cheer up them when they go crazy. He is the ideal consultant to the people in the time of distress. They completely hat and fears in criticise.

He takes his time to do any work. May be his work is slow however well thought. He will not involve into any matter without knowing the advantage and disadvantage of that work. He can’t be easily ignited. If he thinks for an action, he will do whether it is right or wrong. Their calm in nature helps them to hide their charismatic personality. They love dress and ornament. Though they often like beginning a new plan but there is obvious lack of zeal and steadiness in following it throughout the time. They lead a healthy life and have a great contract of energy and strength.