Aridra Nakshatra

Aridra Nakshtra
According to Hindu Astronomy, The Aridra Nakshatra is believed to be the “goddess of luck”. This nakshatra configuration matches with the Alpha Orionis which is the 2nd brightest star. It comes out as a reddish gigantic nakshatra at the night. This star is controlled by Mithuna Rashi. In Sanskrit language, the word “Aridra” means “the damp one.” The primary meaning of the word “Aridra” is wet or full of water. In Malayalam, Ardira is to be considered as Thiruvathira. In Tamil, Aridra is to be considered as Thiruvathirai. It is denoted as bead of moisture. The animal sign of this star is a female dog. The Aridra natives are inclined by the lord Shiva. On hand, Shiva is mild mannered and composed and thought about the welfare of the earth. Another side, he is familiar as the uprooter. He ate all the venom moved out as the part of “Samudra Manthan” and saved the world. At the same time when he is fuming, he may ruin the world by his power.

As the Aridra Nakshtara locates in Gemini and the governing planet is Rahu, so it is a mixture of Mercury and Rahu. It may be believed as the mixture of intellectual sense with fanatical thinking. Aridra Star locates in the sign of Gemini from 6 to 20 Degree. This star arises on the 3rd week of June. It is at the zenith from 9 P.M. to 11 P.M. in February. On the 21st June Nirayan Sun go into this star. It looks like a diamond and consists of 1 star. Few researchers view it as a fall of a tear in the night sky.

People with this star are normally energized and unsteady. They are pleased and gallant. They may face many troubles in their life. Usually they content of evil thoughts. They get outcomes on the foundation of Rahu’s location. They think that they are never wrong. They are violent also. They are concerned about others indiscipline. Normally they are quarrelsome and harsh. They are ill tempered.

Narad says, the person belongs to the Aridra Naskshatra is excellent in business manners, though other belief that he never get success in business oriented matters. They work hard. They have an intense interest in religious text. They are always focused on their aim. They never move away from their way. Normally they are not thankful to others. Those kinds of persons examines other on the foundation of their nature and pulls out it they see any kind of problem.

A resident of Aridra Nakshatra possesses a searching aspect in his individuality which is expressed quite significantly in his children. In the celestial behaviour of things, Aridra stands for the “yatna shakti”, which is the strength to build results by searching for the wanted aim. Their energies come back with triumph. Actually, the Aridra is origin for “toilsome” and “fervid”. This is the star where feelings and compassion come across the place to build the mind energetic as well as spontaneous. It creates the resident supportive and kind.