Ashlesha Nakshatra

Ashlesha Nakshatra
The planet Mercury is the owner of Ashlesha Nakshatra and the Mercury is karaka of the knowledge. This planet is vanik; so people belong to this nakshatra are the successful entrepreneur, brilliant lawyer and good orator. As per Rashi, people belong to this nakshatra are candid and pioneer. They don’t believe anyone easily. They are obstinate. They have big control over the snake lord. So, they are worse tempered. People of this nakshatra are qualified consultant. They chose the business over job. This kind of people doesn’t stay long time in a particular job. They continue their business along with the job.

People belong o Ashlesha Nakshatra doesn’t have any specific format. In fact, their life is like a running river. They wait for their work, but a failure makes them depressed and removes for socialism. People belong to this nakshatra is a competent author. He may turn out as the best orator throughout his skill. He plants a feeling o the others by his quality of a good orator. Person belongs to this nakshatra wish to hear appreciation and by no means leave the chance of boasting. They are filled with huge amount of money and prosperity.

This kind of people is very soft hearted and has been known to hate the person who criticise him. He can be heartless and ungrateful in some occasions. But the other time he displays his concern for those people who are needed. Faith is a matter to him and it means a lot for him. His anger is a cause to worry. Where he needs to calm and patients, he does the opposite and vice-versa. If he is the eldest child of the family, he has to get many responsibilities and turn in to an introvert when he is wedded. Hence, his wife will face the problem to make him out.

Women are likely not to have high quality facial quality but she has the attractive body. Her job as house wife is assumed with energy but she must be careful if she has not made a negative impression in the family of her husband. Her language is capable of making the critic silence but she should be took care with her approach. If she is ready for a good job then she has finished her career somewhere. Quite difficult, she shows her reserve nature that doesn’t go fit with her sense of humour.

The resident of this nakshatra is apparent to carry a difficult composure. Moreover, they are not very attractive but have beautiful body. The women are apparent to be powerful character. They will not care much about what people think of her as they are self-centred. But we can’t call her selfish because they are not too bad from heart.

The women of the Ashlesha Nakshatra are expert to conceal their true emotions inside their heart. They are capable of appealing many people by their words. They are faithful and candid at the core of the heart and wish the same while walking as they will not deceive anyone forever. The females provide their times to her careers as they want to reach at the zenith.