Poorvashada Nakshatra

Poorvashada Nakshatra
If the God Varuna or the lord of the water starts with 13.2? and finishes at 26.4? in the Dhanu rashi or Sagittarius zodiac, is known as the Purvasada Nakshatra. This is dominant by Venus and conveyed as in the sign of a hand fan. The domain of the Purvasada Nakshatra is alleged to ocean of huge bravery and patience as to never ending point except which it glows with adores, attention and gentleness. This area has truly merciful shade and is gifted with achievement and triumph.

Men are good looking and eye catching under the Purvashada Nakshatra. They possess shining eyes and lovely smile for everybody. Their mind is bright and they have good debating ability. They admit their defeat. They are very stubborn and will not take back their decision whether their decision is going to be wrong or not. If he faces a difficult condition, his courage will shine all the way. He is likely to be a benevolent and ended up helping more that he is capable of. He believes in God and he has faith in justice. They may make a very good doctor but they have not time for the family, because they have to travel a lot. They don’t want to enter in a marriage life, if they do, they end making an extraordinary husbands.

The women of the Purvasada Nakshatra are gorgeous, making them appealing to men. Though, they possess atypical combination of attractiveness as well as intelligence. Dream is a good feature found on them. They take time to think and they are not whimsical. One of their weak points is that they are unable to do what he is committed to do herself. She is well learned. She has a very good career. Her hubby and his family are taken attention to her. He suffers a few health problems other than womanly issues.

Those mothers from the Purvasada Nakshatra are quite clannish people. Though they are aggressive some time, they are soft and loving at the core. They are gifted with the positive quality to make them success. They are wealthy. They are dominating character, sensitive get respect in their life. But they are not fully trustworthy and possess inconsistent mind as well. This may lead them in the wicked path. Their personality is complicated.

Some Vedic jyotishi believes that the hand fan is uses for chilling and help when it is hot. As per this nakshatra, it has the potentiality to remain cool in the difficult times and by quality of its endurance he wins the problem. Though some vedic jyotishi believes that in the old age the fan is used for helping to het fire which is seemed as a negative sign and it executes an act of violence.