Bharani Nakshatra

Bharani Nakshatra
The Bharani Nakshatra is the appearance of Yama’a superiority surrounding the area from 13.2 to 26.4 degree which is dominated by Venus. Yama is the chief justice and he decides which is right and which is wrong. He punishes the offender and awards the holy soul. He is not only the king of death but also defends the law. He is strict about the law which overall makes him the God of Dharma which is the most honourable and wiser spirit.

In a simple expression, The Bharani Nakshatra is stands for the utmost truth, strong clarity and highest loyalty. The resident of this nakshatra are firm and honest characters who are presents with cheerful approach. They are professed to bear powerful knowledge and intelligence which makes them wise as well. People belong to this star could sustain the problems and pains of the other on them and could have marked on their figure owing to injures and could face the problems of heart, though they are granted for a long life. They follow a prosperous life but might get involved in criminal offence.

The Bharani Nakshatra is normally preferred by all, despite his kind hearted nature. If he wants to tell his thought, does not think about the emotions of other. Whether it is right or wrong, what may come does not matter to them. He works according to his thought. Owing to this behaviour he has to face many obstacles and collapses. Even he is spoiled the relationship which is close one for any trifle matters. But when the people blamed and criticized him then he felt his fault. He doesn’t obey anyone. His haughtiness leads him to miser conditions. He doesn’t like subordination. Counsel and support have no place to him. He is capable of going to details in any matter. He wants supremacy and commands everyone. He spends a roller coaster life.

Bharani men are not take birth with beauty. All of their qualities comes from their hard work and drives toward the top.

Bharani resident are strong in character. They cry like a child, but nothing leads them loosing for long time. It is observed that the Bharani resident often experience vast alteration and essential changes all through their life. They have imaginative power. They can achieve anything if they are guided by experienced and wiser person. So it is clearly stated that this Nakshatra is really favourable to most of the people.