17 Mukhi Rudraksha

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17 Mukhi Rudraksha

17 Mukhi Rudraksha is considered as one of the most popular globule among the believers and it is one of the rarest as well. An oval shaped 17 Mukhi Rudraksha consists of 17 lines on its upper surface starting from the top to the lower bottom part. This Rudraksha is described as the symbol of the mighty Lord Rama and his beloved wife Goddess Sita. As Lord Rama belongs to the great Kingship of Raghu Vangsha so it is believed that a 17 Mukhi Rudraksha can bring the Raaj Yoga (the Royal charms) to the person who cares to wear it. It also brings every success and prosperity to the wearer. This Rudraksha is led by the power of blessings of both Lord Rama and Goddess Sita. It is also believed that a 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is the symbol of Lord Viswakarma as well and for that reason it has earned a huge amount of popularity among the engineers, architects and other professionals related with constructions.


The Ruling God of a 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is the Goddess Katyayani who is believed to be the sixth incarnation of the Goddess Durga. Goddess Katyayani fulfills the lives of the wearers of this Rudraksha with every virtue and the desires of wealthy life. It also helps to get a good and honest life partner to the wearer of this Rudraksha. The Ruling Planet of 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is ‘Shani’ (Saturn) who has a great influence in human lives. ‘Shani’ is a considered as a powerful planet and also a powerful God according to Hindu Mythology. 17 Mukhi Rudraksha has a power to nullify every evil curse of Lord Shani. The evil effects like ‘Sade Sati’ (a stronger evil curse of ‘Shani’ which can leads even to death) and ‘Panauti’ (curse of misfortune caused by ‘Shani’) can be healed by this particular Rudraksha.


A 17 Mukhi Rudraksha is believed to bring Love, Moksha, Wealth and Prosperity to the life of the wearers of it. Women who prefer to wear this Rudraksha get a happy and steady married life with every comfort. It helps them to get a healthy conceive and a hassle free child birth. This Rudraksha actually reliefs all discomforts in the life of the wearer if it is worn in a proper way and after the proper rituals. This Rudraksha is suggested to wear on a holy Monday or on the occasion of Rama Navami. Besides increasing the power of desires a 17 Mukhi Rudraksha also increases the intuitive power and helps in synchronizing the body and the mind together. It relieves the pain of the Karma committed in the past life and breaks the limitation of the thoughts of the wearer.


17 Mukhi Rudraksha has some magical healing abilities to combat against various sorts of genital disorders like quick falls, night falls, sperm deficiencies and some others also. It also confirms the healing process in Lung Dysfunction, Small Intestine and Bronchitis. It is also proved an indispensible remedy for the neurotic problems like Schizophrenia, Alzheimer and some others. It is also helpful in curing diseases related to Ear, Nose, and Throat.

Ruling God: Vishvakarma

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Mantra for activation: Om Namah Shivaya