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Rudraksha is an alternative path to success in life. Like Gemstone, this can be considered as Astrology Remedy. Each of the Rudraksha having Ruling God, Ruling Planet and a Mantra to activate the power of Rudraksha.

Rudraksha is originally the seed of the tree called as the Eliocarpus ganitrus, which plays an essential role in a spiritual seeker’s life. It is a seed of a very specific tree which only grows at certain height of elevation in the mountains most importantly in the Himalayan region. But only few of these trees are available in India because most then were used to construct railway sleepers. Now you can find these trees in Nepal, Thailand, Burma and Indonesia. It is also found in some parts of the Western Ghats in South India. The best and the quality ones you will get only in the Himalayas because of the soil and atmosphere. The seeds has got a very unique vibration. The bigger beads are not as vibrant as the smaller seeds.

The beads are then made into malas, which are very carefully strung together and also they have to make sure that there is 108 and plus one beads to these mala. It is believed that the plus one is the bindu. If this bindu is not there in the mala then it would create dizziness to the person who is sensitive. When are putting together the beads you have to strung them with silk thread or cotton thread. You have to take care of the mala very carefully and change it every six months. To avoid getting it snapped and all the 108 beads will fall all over the place. Many people go to the jewellery shop to bind them together with either gold or silver wire. You can wear it all the time even in the shower as well. But make sure when you are taking shower you are not using any chemical soap as it might make the beads brittle and sometimes even crack it as well.

Benefits of wearing a Rudraksha- it helps a lot to someone who is always travelling and eats and sleeps at different locations. It helps in creating a shield of your own energy which protects you from falling sick. You might have experienced this that when you are travelling to various places, sometimes you fall asleep very easily and sometimes not at all. The reason is because of the change in energy which you are not habituated with, Rudraksha helps you to settle down. You might have seen the sadhus and sanyasis wearing Rudraksha. The reason being is that they travel a lot to different parts of the world, eat different foods helps them to be in full control and not falling sick. The same things goes for the people who are involved in the profession or business which requires travelling a lot to different places.

Another interesting fact about sadhus and sanyasis is that, most of time they live in deep forest and drink water from pond. If the water is poisoned by nature by the help of Rudraksha they can make out whether it safe to drink or not. They place the Rudraksha on the water and if it goes clockwise it safe to drink and if it goes anti-clockwise it is not safe to also helps you to stay away from negative energies as well.