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What is Soul Urge Number and how to calculate


The heart is the key to the human mind. The soul is the window to the soul. In the words of Panache Desai, "The soul is an infinite ocean of just beautiful energy and presence made manifest in human form." Unleash the true calling of your soul with your Soul Number. The Soul Urge Number is the sneak peek into your authentic and inner voice.

Speaking what’s within !


Your outer self might show something, but who knows what your true calling is? Your inner personality is the main you! It speaks what you think in your life. It also reveals what you need to know about yourself. It expresses your sincere desire and urges that need to be addressed. Soul Urge Number also says the factor that motivates you to move forward in your life and your inner calling.

Mathematics has done right :

  To calculate your Soul Urge Number, refer to this table first:

12345678 9

This is the number series from 1 to 9 and the corresponding alphabets. Now take your full birth name. You must make the full name that was given to you during your birth. Professionally or personally, you can acquire any other names in the later stage of your life. However, soul urge can only be calculated by the name you got immediately after the birth.

  • Take a piece of paper.
  • Write your full name in English.
  • Now circle out the vowels from your name. (from first, middle if any and last name)
  • Write the vowels separately.
  • Now check the above table and put the number corresponding to those letters.
  • Add up all the numbers with each other and keep on adding until you get the root number.
  • A person named Jerome Kalloway wanted to know his Soul Urge Number.
  • So we took the vowels from his name, E, O, E (from JEROME) and A, O, A (from KALLOWAY).
  • Lets us now refer to the table. These are numbers corresponding to the letters.

E- 5.
O - 6.
E – 5.

A – 1.
O – 6.
A – 1.

  • Now we start adding them with each other... 5+6+5+1+6+1=24.2+4=6.
  • So the Soul Urge Number of this person is 6.

Things to remember:


Why are vowels used, not consonants ?

That is because; consonants have sharp and restrained pronunciation. Just we behave controlled and follow some codes while we are interacting with the outside world, consonants have edged expression.
Vowels, on the other hand, are pronounced with free-flowing syllables. We can control our outer disposition, but we cannot actually have restriction in our inner urges and expressions. Vowels represent the real us!

Is Y a considered vowel according to Numerology ?

Some numerologist considers Y as vowels to add them in the calculation. However, Y is only used when ‘Y resembles any vowel sound. Apart from that, Y must not pronounce like ‘wai,' instead as an independent vowel sound which is not taking the pronunciation of the preceding letter. For example, Carry, Lynda, Meryl, etc.
However, if ‘Y’ sounds like consonants such as You, Yoshiki, then Y calculation is not done. Moreover, if Y takes the syllable sound of the preceding alphabet, then it is not considered a separate entity. For example, in this name Kalloway, last part sounds like ‘a.' Y is not contributing to the pronunciation.

What if I get Master Number in the midway of calculation ?

If you get Master number result like 11, 22 and 33, then do not add them up further. Stop right there because these numbers itself are the ultimate answers.

Hope you are now very much clear about the process to obtain the correct soul number. Now the next big thing is to know the traits, characteristics, and points of respective soul number. Read on to understand what your soul is is in store for you!

Soul Number 1 :

Number 1 is born leader. They desire to be independent and strong. Soul Number 1 inspires the person to take charge of everything and become a leader. They do not believe in rescuing or receiving help from others; instead, they reach their own greatness with independence and leading traits.

Soul Number 2 :

Peace and stability is the core of these twin number folks. They are very diplomatic. They can bring peace and harmony by bringing everyone together. They love cooperation and give importance to bonding.

Soul Number 3 :

Number 3 people are very entertaining. They are the heart of a party and with a crazy level of energy. They always go for expressing their desires via the various medium. They are very talented and can make a great name in the field of creativity. Best profession for them is music, dance, acting, painting, or writing.

Soul Number 4 :

Number 4 people are the epitome of practical and orderliness. They are extremely hard working and organize on their jobs. They can become an outstanding businessman. They have an inborn talent for managing capacity. In short, their hard work makes them possible to achieve.

Soul Number 5 :

Nick-named as free souls, high-fives remain high on their fierce desire to be independent. The social norms and restrictions can never bind them. They are adventurers who have revolutionary ideas. They love various kinds of experience and love to travel in many places.

Soul Number 6 :

Number 6 is the home-birdie. They are very attached to their family and love to give everything for domestic wellness. They offer more importance to home than a career. However, they need to be feeling the necessary time to time and love when people ask their love.

Soul Number 7 :

Introvert and quite a soul, Number 7 is always in their own solitary world. They are very philosophical and spiritual in nature. They have a fantastic ability to become intuitive and psychic. They can precisely understand the innate nature of others and have excellent introspection.

Soul Number 8 :

Ambition and goals are quintessential for these individuals. They have a gutsy desire to shine high. The love competition and wins them by hook or crook. They can quickly achieve wealth and power with their acumen. They primarily live on the challenges life throws at them.

Soul Number 9 :

Number 9 is full of plans and idealism. They are very giving and charitable. They have an innate desire to change the world for better. They are mentally powerful. They love to help and lift people who are in need.

Soul Number 11 :

Spirit and mysticism is the core constituent of their soul. They can help to give spiritual insight and belief with their fellow people in communities. They can be excellent religious guides. They are generally enlightened beings.

Soul Number 22 :

While 11 are spiritual masters, number 22 is material masters. They are the leader of people who believes in themselves. They achieve more than their capacity. By building up, they seek to change the world materialistically.


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