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The Soul Urge Number is generally calculated on the name of a person by calculating the sum of his vowel numbers and some numerologists also take his or her date of birth for the precise calculation. It is already discussed on our topic ‘What is Soul Urge Number and how to calculate’. Go and check the topic first so that you can understand the meaning of your Soul Urge Number.

If your Soul Urge Number is 1 :

It is the number for those who are born on 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month. They are ruled by Sun and have all the special characters of it.

Characteristics :

This number always comes first to take charge of anything and is a responsible human being. You are strong with a pleasant personality making others drag their attention towards you when you enter a room or a concern. You follow a few people in social media but everyone would like to follow you. As for the opinion, most of the time your opinions are right but if it’s not correct then you know how to get rid of it. Your characters will have :

  • Creative
  • Leader
  • Thoughtful
  • Strong and particular
  • Demanding
  • Independent

Career :

At work people simply dragged towards you as you have a strong sense of success. They will see you as their leader with an attractive personality. The other leaders of the company will make your friends in a short period of time and seek an opinion from you. But you should be diplomatic and but flexible also. You will take not much time to be the leader of your team and within a few years, you can become an essential part of the company that you are working for which will last longer.

Finance :

Since you do well with your career you can become financially stable and have a heavy bank balance which you will earn with your hard work and intelligence. You will be good entrepreneurs and make a good effort to motivate your employees.

Romance :

For the romantic side, you need a partner who gives you support and who can give sacrifices and be patient. They need to be headstrong to understand you and make you feel happy and satisfied. But it is also claimed from you that you remain loyal and give time to them and express your feelings towards them.

The success story :

There will be no story behind your success as you are blessed with success in whatever career you choose. But without the family and friends, it will not be possible. So always be around the friends and the good wishers who is going to motivate you. As far as success you need to have a desire to achieve and automatically everything will follow.

Negative traits :

You can sometimes be very demanding and dominating also which is not accepted by all. Thus you become the reason for jealousy and give chance to the others and be the subordinate just to make others happy. You must not compete for every single issue of life, along with it just erase your egoistic nature. Try to make friends with the likeminded people and share your thoughts. Don’t walk alone as there can be dangers around you. Don’t be too rigid to understand others and make them feel isolated. You will never love to be criticized but you enjoy doing it for others which need to be stopped. Basically, the characters they possess, they can become minus if they exercise at large.

Positive reviews :

These people are hard workers and don’t afraid of doing it. They take responsibility even if they think its small fry. They have an optimistic view of life and don’t get demotivated very easily. They engage themselves with lots of work at a time and very well in managing more than one work at a time. They are well balanced at their family works also and become the best husbands, wives, fathers or mothers. They can spend on others buying gifts and presents. They love expensive items and are spoilt with them. They are into religious beliefs especially between the age of 30 and 40.


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