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Soul Urge Number 3 has a great influence on life and most of the theories are based on three pillars. Even the highly educated and philosophers believe in three rules of life. They can sacrifice for their family and friends without asking for anything. They are believed to be pure and sacred.

If your soul urge number is 3 :

This number is for those who are born on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month. This number is believed to have a religious influence on others. It has many ancient believes that the possibility of success can be true if it is done for the third time.

Characteristics :

They have an inbuilt characteristic of creativity and loves. They are restless and don’t take breaks until the work is done completely. They have the ability to manage things at a time and are known as the multi taster of all the other numbers. They remain happy and joyous if there are family functions and outings. They are known to sacrifice for their parents and -

  • Ambitious
  • Optimistic
  • Social
  • Cheerful
  • Intuitive
  • Friendly
  • Robust
  • Prankster

Career :

At the beginning of their career, they will have an average start but slowly they have to fight for their growth. However, they will be blessed with success and it involves a lot of hard work and dedication. They don’t agree to work for a low budget and search for large-scale programs. They also practice practical knowledge and search for logic in everything. Thus they are called as the scientists of life. They mostly choose their career as a teacher, writer, councillors and public speakers. They also have knowledge of political views.

Finance :

Since this number can do multiple jobs they can earn from different channels at one time. But they have to be careful about spending money in insignificant affairs. They find it easy to earn money and spending them at the same time. Since they are religious they have less value of money in their lives so they don’t oscillate spending money for any cause.

Romance :

Soul Urge Number 3 is lucky in receiving love from their family and partners. People often fall in love with their logical and optimistic views of life. They extend their hands of help to number 3 in every possible way without hesitation. This number always attracts the opposite gender and goes weak in convincing them. They also go for intimate situations before going in for serious relationships. But once they are on then they remain loyal for all their lives even if they find cheated in their relationships.

The success story :

They choose for tedious jobs and complete them with ease.  They believe that working is like a religious matter and should be rewarding. They are good at fulfilling their promises. People rely on them as they work by maintaining the order and methods. Since they are lucky they are mostly involved in new business and people call them as their lucky mascot. This number struggle in their lives at the beginning but they will taste the sweetness of success at the end which is obvious. They have a charisma to handle mass and people find them attractive.

Negative traits :

Soul Urge Number 3 has less negative traits as they are loved by people however due to the situation and circumstances of others they have to handle the critics due to their pranks. They are also too straightforward also. They can be jealous and are sometimes become highly ambitious without any reason. They can suffer from stomach inflation and they can control it by having special Indian spices to find in any Indian grocery store. For those who are born on 21st and 30th, they are less fortunate like the others as they will have to work more hard to achieve success.

Positive reviews :

In spite of being a religious nature, they don’t believe in one religion. So they have pure knowledge of life. They give respect to everything whether it is small or big. They are garrulous and crack jokes which are rib-tickling. They have a magnetic aura with which people get attracted. They are less concerned about the criticisms and always look for scopes.

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