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Numerology chart consist of five calculations that gives us a glimpse about our past, present, future, characteristics, personalities, dreams, desires, remedies and many more. Each point is relatively important that will help you to construct the definite and accurate sketch of the person. While each has its own significance, two of them, life pat number and soul urge number are indispensible.

Importance of soul Urge Number :

While life path number gives a picture about the person’s path in the whole life and the future, soul urge number decodes the real person that is hidden inside. Due to many compulsions, sometimes you fail to show the world your actual side. In this age of diplomacy, exposure and scrutiny, it is also not advisable. However, it actually creates conflicts within you.
It will in turn hamper your mental peace. The idea of Soul Urge number is to expose the positive side of your soul’s inner most desire and how can you channel the energy for your own benefit while marinating your way of etiquette to the world.

Number 22 :

This article is about Number 22, a powerful master Number. There is uniquely special thing about the Master Numbers with its definite aura and mystery. Number 22 is of no exception. Read on to find out :

  • Building Block :

    Master Number 22 is regarded as the builder of all the numbers. They are the rarest of individuals that have the capacity and expert in turning the most impossible of dream into reality. They are basically shining star and inventors who can change the lives of millions.

  • Doesn’t minds hindrances :

    A master Builder, they are strangely immune to all kinds of obstacles coming into their way. Instead they do not seek external obstacles as the reason to stop any project.

  • Multi-talented :

    With Master Number 22, you are highly intelligent, precise, competent and penchant for perfection. You never keep anything pending and complete all the task and projects with ease and on time.

  • Successful implementation :

    You are an amazing combination of dreamer and doer. You have a bagful of creative ideas not only ready to convey but already on the verge of completion! You have this obsession to think out box and implement it as soon as possible.

  • Inspiration :

    Such internal transformation which you are realising may inspire all the others to follow your lead making you a respected person.

  • Career :

    You have the capacity to transform the society into positive system. You are best suited for the job of inventor, social reformer, artists and diplomat who can exert great influence.

  • Unique belief :

    Unlike the Master Number 11, you may or may not be spiritual, latter one have greater chances. You believe in work and creativity as your ultimate arena of worship. That is why; nothing can come into your way once you gather idea about something.


Conclusive points :

With Master Number 22 on your side, you are fearless, bold, and courageous and are able to make correct decision based on your faith. You have actually managed t align yourself with the highest source of creative power; you have finally harnessed the power of a builder that keep the world within its balance.

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