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Soul Urge Number 4 is known for its practical knowledge and believes in hard work. They are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. This number will tolerate criticism and survive in the bread and butter situation. They don’t like exorbitant things and remain happy as Larry. They are the art lovers and admire the antiques. They are critical with their relationships but gives lots of space to their loved ones.

If your soul urge number is 4 :

If you are born on 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of any month then your soul urge number will be number 4. It is governed by Rahu thus this number experience hard work and is not lucky for pleasure. If they want anything they do a lot of difficulties.

Characteristics :

Soul Urge Number 4 will be very dynamic and goes through lots of ups and downs in their whole life. Thus they will get to see the best and worst part of their lives, which make them experienced persons. They can’t take their decisions and are always asking for suggestions which make them lack of confidence and the effect is for Rahu. They often get stubborn and tolerate pains. At the time of debate, they often take back seat for the lack of confidence and always in dilemma.

Career :

They have a good career option, but they fight for the growth and stability as they will develop enemies everywhere. They always abide by the law and are reliable as they have the earth element in build. For career, they believe in hard work and without it, they won’t get the recognition which will come late and with lots of persistence. They are :

  • Practical
  • Disciplined
  • Honest
  • Uniform
  • Limited needs
  • Uniformity
  • Having Stamina

Finance :

Soul Urge Number 4 works hard for money is not gifted with maternal or paternal wealth. But due to their shifting nature they can spend extravagantly. They also have a tendency of distributing money and presents without thinking much. They often pretend to be rich in front of their enemies.

Romance :

Soul Urge Number 4 is a great friend and a lovely and romantic partner. They make good husbands and are good at managing the family. They are good listeners but often get misunderstood. But the main disadvantage is that they can’t control their progressive nature which might get awkward during subtle moments. Since they can’t control the worst situations they get irate and also get into trouble. Thus they get the best partnership with those who will understand their changing nature and encourage them. And for them, they will get a big-hearted person with lots of practical knowledge within number 4.

The success story :

Soul Urge Number 4 is active and are highly organised. They are well versed with management skills. The help the needy and re always engage in any reforms with a view to improving the current situation of the society and in their family. They also get into politics at the latter half of their lives or into spiritual belief. But it is suggested to understand them and also learn to get out of the confusing situations and not to engage themselves into any humanitarian works.

Negative traits :

This people often lead mysterious lives at their childhood as they search for the truth and remain confused until their puberty. If not taken care of they can opt for dangerous career options and become rebellious. Thus they need lots of love and care from the beginning. By that time they can feel being abandoned. They don’t have a clear idea of what they actually need which can create problems in their daily lives. With their nature, they can be selfish and critical towards others.

Positive reviews :

Soul Urge Number 4 likes to keep things simple and they know the mannerism of life. They will pay for harmony in their life as well as who are supporting them. They like to help others in need and maintain long term relationships. Since they have the practical knowledge they get success in technology and other practical or on-field jobs. They are secretive thus make them good in secret agents or running the agencies with covert business.

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