Know Astrology Basic Concepts.

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    Learning Astrology is not easy or not difficult either. If you follow the sequence of learning properly or as directed by astrology teacher, you will be able to make use of your valuable time. Its interesting, when you start learning, and its equally interesting when you apply on your real life or predict others with confidence and see the things to happen as you predicted.

    The sky is called as Celestial Globe or Celestial Sphere. Our Universe is very big as compared to the Solar system. The distances of the stars are huge. Hence, they scarcely come out changing their locations in the Celestial Globe in the thousands of years. Actually, the Celestial Globe is like a black empty sphere on which the stars are placed on its surface from the inner side. The formation formed by the stars practically does not alter with time.

    Comparatively the Sun and the planet Moon are nearer in our solar system. They can be shown rotating in the Celestial Sphere. In the Indian astrology all rotating heavenly bodies are called the Planets. As the planet Earth rounds the sun in a circular path, the Sun seems moving around Earth on the Celestial Sphere from western side to eastern side. The other planets also move along with circle from western to eastern side on a 9 Degree wide way which is regarded as Zodiac.

    First you need to learn few basics of astrology which are key information will be referred in every astrology topics. Basics are.

  • What is Astrology ?

  • What is Indian Astrology ?

  • What is a Zodiac sign?

  • What is Planet in Astrology and their significance?

  • What is Sun Sign and what is Moon Sign

  • What is a birth Chart or a Horoscope ? How to calculate a Horoscope ?

  • What is birth Star or Nakshtra
    Relationship among Planets (Friend, enemy, etc)

  • Planets Strengths and weakness in any Zodiac Sign in a Horoscope

  • Aspect of a planet and the effect of it on a Horoscope.

  • 12 houses in a Horoscope, strength and significance of them.

  • Yogas or Raj Yogas formed by specific planetary combinations in a Horoscope.

  • When a house in birth chart is weak and How to get remedy of it in Astrology.

  • Once basics are clearly understood move on to the followings

  • What is Vimsottori Dasha ?

  • What is Transit or Gochara ?

  • What is responsible for what ? For example, What is responsible for Career ? What is for Success ? What is for Money ? What is for Home ? What is for Mother ? What is for Love ? What is for Peace ? Etc, almost for every aspect of Life and what are the respective remedies ?

  • When is what ? Like of you wish to know if this year you are going to get a Job or not ? If yes then when and if any remedy can be given to this ?

  • All these are based upon millions of samples takes so far and very much accurate as per my observation so far.