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Soul or spirit is the nucleus that forms a complete individual. And Number 7 is the one that symbolizes the connection of the soul with the mundane world. Spiritual and intuition will get a new dimension if your soul rings number 7. In a chart of Numerology, there are several numbers and the calculations that give us the meaning and destiny of life.

The soul is the real transmitter of the message

Get a real-time picture of your intricate thoughts and desires. Check out your Soul Urge Number and find out so much about yourself that even you didn't know. You need to know about the elements that secretly shape up your life and influences your decision making power.

The mystery of Seven :

Number 7 has its own mysteries. It has an aura and mystery surrounded. Time has come to unravel more!

  • Powerful Combo is it a thing !

    Number 7 is a powerful combination of the characteristics of 3 and 4. While 3 stand for artistic endeavor, 4 positions for materialistic excellence. Number 7 has great significance in elements of nature and life. Our human body constitutes 7 chakras to regulate our intramural energy framework. There are 7 colors in rainbow fondly called VIBGYOR. Music represents 7 notes of the diatonic scale. So Number 7 has a heart of lifelike indulgence.

  • A new dimension to spiritual calling :

    With Soul Urge Number, your true calling leads you to the path of spirituality and religion. You can become bit cynical sometimes owing to unrest in the mundane world. You have to embark on the spiritual journey. Your energy lies in your intellectualism. But the harsh reality of the real world will pose a constant conflict with your inner spiritual state of mind.

  • Commanding respect is key to virtue :

    Number 7, though introvert, is highly respected. They attract many people around them but their sheer sharpness of creativity and understand the problems faced in the real time scenario. They never distinguish among the people based on money, social standing, blood, family, and name. They are cordial with every groups and individual.

  • A soul is a sip of philosophy :

    Philosophical soul of Number 7 constantly searches the answers for the unsolved mystery of human life and mind. To find out the mystery, they sometimes withdraw themselves from the maddening crowd and retreat to the lap of nature. They are very calm with great introspective, inspiring their incredible intuition prowess.

  • Seek your mojo, heed your voice :

    Your exceedingly profound and fretful nature may make you hard to be around for specific individuals. That is because it appears that you can never open up always. Seek your otherworldly goals, and you will discover the harmony you are searching for.

  • Mysticisms and metaphysical pursuits :

    Your spirit needs you to concentrate on profound things, while your lover needs you to shower attention on them. As someone with Soul Urge Number 7, your metaphysical interests are probably going to take priority.


Connecting with real you :

In the career, Number 7 is going to excel in professions that give them scope to connect with their spiritual, philosophical, and creative side. To unleash your interpretive and visceral nature go for the jobs of philosophy, artist, writing, and social thinker.

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