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Some people are born to be nurturer and caregiver. They make it their life mission to help others in their needs. If you come across such beautiful souls, the chances are high that their soul vibrates Number 6.

Knowing your purpose makes you the person you are :

Soul Urge Number is determined to understand what the meaning of your life is. What you can give to this earth and what earth can provide you with? Soul Urge number is the window to our inner self, the true we. Taking the vowels of our name, we determine soul calling.

Uplifted Six :

This piece is dedicated to the helper of all the souls, the 6. Check it and know more about their contributions.

  • Compassion and valuable member :

    Soul vibration Number 6 imparts you with the quality of empathy, value, protectiveness, and nurturing components. Your soul is one of the eloquent conjunctions of harmony and balance. You learn to care and protect others from a very young age. You continue to do so for your whole life.

  • Love for their family :

    Number 6 is very attached to their parents. They love their family. They can do anything for them to keep them smiling. Number 6 by default, trust their friends and families the most. If anyone is not able to keep their trust, they always try to find circumstances that they presume must have forced them not to keep the 6’s promise.

  • Avoiding the negativity is peaceful :

    An aspect of Number 6 is that they hate any kind of battles and confrontations. They even try to go away from any tense situations. They are very much ready to compromise rather than dragging the quarrel or fight. While this may work as a peaceful solution, sometimes this compromise can cost too much.

  • Elegant and charming :

    Now, check this exciting trait of Number 6! While they may dedicate their life to your cause, one thing, they never compromise with. That is their style, cleanliness, and elegance. They are one of the most-well dressed individuals among all other numbers.They always fuss around and go on cleaning spree if there is slightest dirt or disorderliness.

  • Decision regarding the career :

    Career-wise, Number 6 has multiple options. They are compassionate and caring individuals. Healing professions are best suited for them. Such a professional can give them the ultimate peace of mind. They can be a doctor, healers, counselor, therapist, social activist, NGO worker, welfare worker, occult healers. Since they are calmly headed, they can be the very good mediator or diplomat. Number 6 has a penchant for beauty, orderliness, and perfection. They can excel in arts like painting and designing.

  • The interest of love :

    Romantically, Number 6 is one of the most desirable ones. They are very romantic, attentive, and passionate towards their partner. You are naturally lovely physically, and tongs of admirers will always flock you. You are likely to remain devoted to one individual amidst so much attention.

  • A supporting shoulder :

    You are the granny of your group. You are the one who gets the call in the middle of the night from their friends and loved ones. You are the one who patiently listens to their problems and provides solutions, no matter how much busy you are!


Natural Nurturer :

Your soul calls you to keep on helping and nurturing continually. This is your true inner calling, and this is what you came for. No matter what this cruel world implies, never compromise with your belief and ethics!

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