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Soul Urge number can provide an exclusive peak into your hidden personality. To know the clue about your spoil’s true desire, watch this space. Many a times, you have to compromise your personality, behaviour, wishes, etiquettes and expression to the outer world. But it is inside where you are fighting a constant battle.

A strong urge to listen soul’s song :

Do you want to go with you heart or brain? While it is always advisable to listen to your brain, never forget that it is in your heart you can judge things with more clarity. Most of the confusion and dilemma arises in your life due to failure to comprehend your heart’s calling. Calculating the Soul Number is the best way to start knowing all your heart’s urges and inner expression.

Mastering the Eleven ways to spirituality !

Soul Urge Number 11 is a message of heart with Master Number. Lucky are those whose heart expresses the 11th vibration. While calculating, if you get the result 11, do not reduce it to single digit.

  • Positivity is happiness by choice

    Master Number 11 has the abundance of positive vibration surrounding to it. If your soul urge number is 11, then you are blessed with the rarest quality of positivity and optimism, something which cannot be snatched away from you at any cost.

  • A special message to deliver

    Individuals are blessed with rare combo of being extrovert and excellent spiritual instinct. You have the capacity to show the world, the strength of spirituality. You can convey and express it in such a way, that the world will listen to you in awe. You are the spiritual messenger.

  • Make the difference, change the world

    The only thoughts that rage your mind are how you can benefit the world with some positivity and your relationship with your fellow human beings. You are constantly searching for the way to make everyone’s lives better and bigger.

  • Relationship contitutes a complete human

    You give a high importance to all your relationships, be it spiritual or personal. On romantic level, you are fascinated with a person who is equally mystic and spiritually inclined as you are.

  • Teacher is your first guide

    Since you put so much emphasis o the bond, you must look up to a proper spiritual guru or guide before start your own preaching.

  • Flowing the intelligence and creativity

    Number 11 souls are full of energy and creativity. They are constantly in search of innovative ways that can enhance their intelligence further.

  • Career concerns

    Career wise, you have plethora of options. You can go for the career in occult and esoteric science, philosophy, designing, teaching, writing, astrology, psychology ad many more.

  • Segregating positive and negative

    You are blessed with the keen perception of justice. You can easily filter out the right from wrong. You are highly intuitive that can be readily equated to being a mind reader.

  • Unwind your Chakra

    Even if you are not into religion or spiritual order, you are most likely to take up various therapy, yoga and meditation class to unwind your soul. You will be the favourite to your teacher.


One who really cares !

Peace and harmony is your true calling. Never let the negativity affect you. Every cloud has silver lining. Your agenda is to draw that silver lining. Your positivity will automatically radiate and inspire others around you.

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