Soul Urge Number 2

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You always need friends and support system in your life. Thus you are enclosed with people even at the office and at business. You are motivated but often suffer from the laziness due to the change in phases of the Moon. Those who are overly motivated and strong headed you will like to ignore them and let them their space. You have the power to motivate others with care and emotional thoughts. You believe in giving love and not to react in hypersensitive situations.

If your soul urge number is 2 :

It is the number for those who are born on 2nd, 11th, 20th, and 29th of any month. This number is ruled by Moon so they often get the change in their moods like the dark and light phase of the moon.

Characteristics :

You are relaxed and chilled out with your friends and become friends almost with everyone you meet in your life. You can be insensitive and have a deep knowledge of human psychology. You usually don’t mingle with the persons who are strong and dominating. It cannot be said with a strong sense that this number has a peculiar characteristic as they tend to change but they remain true to the persons they love. The special characteristics of this number are :

  • Friendship
  • Caring and intense
  • Loving
  • Sensitive and affectionate
  • Emotional
  • Kindness

Career :

The career you choose small or big you will be successful because you are a peacemaker and immediately solve any issues which are irrupted. Your name will be on top for most of the companies desired candidate list. You like to work with others and become the best team member and the issue solver. But the most comfortable jobs will be like social work and government jobs for serving people.

Finance :

Unlike soul urge number 1 you will be late at making money and rather lose money as you believe the tricksters. It is very difficult for you to save money. You are trustworthy and this is the reason you will get out of the situation during the financial crisis.

Romance :

You love others and want to get love in return. You are blessed with friends and mingle with those having a great focus on their career. You motivate them and serve them with your optimistic views and patience. You see the world as a home and everybody is your family member. You keep faith even with the most wanted criminal and can’t let them sown especially in their worst situation. This can go against you as you can believe all when you are staying in this cruel world. You will turn your partner off with this attitude, as you take everything too intensely.

The success story :

Since this number is ruled by Moon thus it is suggested not to make any decision during any full moon or no moon day. Since they are not strong enough with their health they can fall in prey with anger and other nervous diseases.  Thus if you are making any decision you need to consider the auspicious days of the year to be successful. It is also recommended to indulge in Sattik food rather than junk and fast food.

Negative traits :

You often get cheated and become friends with the tricksters. So from now on you should cautious and don’t engage with anything too emotionally. Take your time and decide on a matter and don’t get impulsive. Try to follow others in dealing with people and learn how to say no. shade your shyness and be bold but don’t mistake with the wolf in the sheep clothing. Gradually you will learn the tricks and how to fake.  Since this number comes in the second position they will not enjoy the leadership and will be dominated by others.

Positive reviews :

The women of this number will be loved by the men as they have emotions and love filled in their heart to keep a family together. But for the men, they also know how to sacrifice and often become good father and husbands. The children of this number are studious and often shy from social life.

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