Ascendants (Lagnas)

The first house in the birth chart is ascendant. All the rest of 11 houses are counted anti-clock wise from Ascendant. Ascendant of a native is determined by sign rising in the eastern horizon at the place and time of birth. The ascendant signifies the physics, complexion, constitution, character, temperament, vitality, struggles, initiative, courage, determination and well-being.

Each Ascendant has some unique characteristics. Moon Asto covers the essential details for each of the twelve Ascendant signs.

Aries Ascendant Taurus Ascendant Gemini Ascendant
Aries Ascendant(Mesh) Taurus Ascendant(Vrish)Gemini Ascendant(Mithun)
Cancer Ascendant Leo Ascendant Virgo Ascendant
Cancer Ascendant(Karkat) Leo Ascendant(Simha) Virgo Ascendant(Kanya)
Libra Ascendant Scorpio Ascendant Sagittarius Ascendant
Libra Ascendant(Tula) Scorpio Ascendant(Vrischik) Sagittarius Ascendant(Dhanu)
Capricorn Ascendant Aquarius Ascendant Pisces Ascendant
>Capricorn Ascendant(Makara) Aquarius Ascendant(Kumbha) Pisces Ascendant(Meen)

Analysis of the behaviour of human and the experience of the background time and space is called Astrology. It is a scientific analysis and application of words of the celestial bodies. These celestial bodies are decided on the foundation of mathematics and astronomy. Their particular position in horoscope shows particular occurrences of an individual.

The Rising Sign or the Ascendant is a zodiacal symbol and the degree which was ascending at the east horizon on a particular time and place of an incident. It describes the personal atmosphere and conditioning which a native gets at the time of their childhood. This is the why the Jyotishis trust that rising sign can indicate a natives education. How long will the native go with her education and how learned he would be. Astrologers think that it has a powerful attitude on a native’s bodily appearance and his health condition.

In this way the lagna is regarded as a significant school of jyotish. Many jyotishis think that the Lagna or Ascendant puts forth a pressure similar to or even much stronger than the planet Sun or Surya and the planet Moon or Chandra. In the Astrology, the rising sign in no doubt is the most significant and crucial part in the graph.

The main features of horoscope of an individual are his birth place, birthday and the accurate birth time. The influence of those celestial bodies is not relevance. What is relevant is that the difference in their nature decides differences when dealing to earth, the relationship is very well-built.

Veda says that the making of earth id done with “Pancha Bhootas”, i.e. the five essential elements are Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. The entire element can be sensed, seen, tried and used except the “Akasha” (Space). What id “Akasha”? This can be taken in all the delicate forms of power such as electrical energy, magnetism, Gravity and much other energy which are unknown to us. The sign of zodiac and planets signifies those elements and virtues.

The Vedic prophets made out the fact sorted out the signs and the planets according to their native character. Aries, Sagittarius and Leo are related to the Sun and Jupiter. They are sizzling in nature. Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus are related to Mars and Earth. Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are open in nature as Mercury. Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer are related to Venus and Moon. Rahu, Ketu and Saturn stand for the space. Ketu and Rahu are considered as vague planets. The situation of Lagna in the birth graph fixes if your aptitude and prospective are compatible for career.