Moon Signe (Rashis)

The Zodiac which is an imaginary belt in heavens all around the earth is divided into twelve equal parts of thirty degree each and these are termed as signs or Rashi.

Each Sign has some unique characteristics. In Vedic or Hindu Astrology, the sign falling in the ascendant in the birth chart and the Moon sign or the sign which the Moon falls carry special importance and define the general characteristics of the native.

General characteristics apply only to the ascendant and to the Moon Sign in a birth chart.

Aries Rashi Taurus Rashi Gemini Rashi
Aries (Mesh)Taurus (Vrish)Gemini (Mithun)
Cancer Rashi Leo Rashi Virgo Rashi
Cancer (Karkat) Leo (Simha) Virgo (Kanya)
Libra Rashi Scorpio Rashi Sagittarius Rashi
Libra (Tula) Scorpio (Vrischik)Sagittarius (Dhanu)
Capricorn Rashi Aquarius Rashi Pisces Rashi
Capricorn (Makara)Aquarius (Kumbha)Pisces (Meen)

It is important to make out what rashis are and their importance. Rashis are expressing all substantial creation and all the sources in the world. The 12 sun’s signs have strong connection with dwadasha aditya.

As an example, Varuna aditya is related to the 4th sign i.e. karka. It is representing the one who is ruled over the water. The other example, 3rd sign is related to mitra aditya or mithuna. Mitra’s meaning is one who is friendly to everyone.

In astrology Rashi may give you an approach about the past subjects, corporal assigns, attitude, feelings, devotions, features, attainments and attributes in lucidity. In the astrology rashi is one of the oldest astrology which keeps its significance and value with immense power from the people to get assistance in their lives. Shifting of stars may vary the life of a human being. It may be made better also.

The planet Moon has a huge effect on the mind, body and emotions of living beings. It expresses the unawareness part of our persona. It describes what an individual should do and why should he. This is the place where we move away for pleasure, memories of childhood and peace. It is also the place for finding jealousy, fear, detestation and hate. We all know that at night the planet Moon makes the tidal effect on the oceans and seas. Human body is containing 70% of water. Hence, Moon has a vast impact on the individual’s mental power and thoughts. It has been examined by the scientists all over the world in the recent times. But it is discovered by our holy rishis thousands of years ago.

Rashi is dependent on the time of birth but not the birth place. Rashi will draw daily or annual predictions. But Vedic Rashi is based on a human being who is easily calculated by an experienced, steadfast and liable astrologer. Moreover, the birth rashi is another issue that points the dominance of moon of a person at the time of birth. The placing of moon and the birth rashi may manipulate the minds of one and may carry on the organization of mind in a definite pattern. Rashi is one of the most well-liked things among the citizen of India that believes the acuity of zero degree dimensions. “Ayanamasha” is an issue that may make computation in the life of a person. It may also decide the cheerfulness of a human being and may provide as easy solution for any difficulty.