5th House in Horoscope (Birth Chart)


    5th House 5th house is the house of birth and rebirth. It indicates children that the native may have. This house is also used to determine whether the native will have children or not as it represents the very first pregnancy. It also represents karma, i.e., the result of past doings. Would these be merits or punishments, can be determined by the planets in this house and their placements.
While the 4th house represents primary education, 5th house becomes an extension and represents the secondary education, i.e., higher studies, college education and research education. If the 5th house has a connection with the 9th, the higher education will occur in a foreign country.

Every one wishes to become rich. The ambitious person would not mind obtaining fame. Most of the people work hard for gaining the wealth. But very few of them can achieve the same. There are some people also who are not well known. Again it may be possible that a well known person may not possess much wealth.

Besides a person’s talent, wisdom, industriousness, perseverance, skill and application of his intelligence the fortune factor plays an important role in providing him financial affluence. Reputation in any case is largely prohibited to the choice of his career unless he becomes super rich.

5th house looks at the height of wisdom of an individual to turn into a leader of the people. The 5th house tells us about the dictatorial and teaching ability of a native. This house may reveal the approach of the person towards life for some extent.

This house is the house of love, romance and represents the love affairs and the physical associations before the wedlock of the native. It also shows whether the love affairs would be successful or not. This house also represents inclinations towards social pleasures, good tastes, fancy choice, artistic talents, dance, entertainments, amusements, music, opera, theater and more such things. The 5th house emphasizes on the achievement through the wife of an individual.

5th House represents children and wellbeing of the children. One can predict whether native will be baby boy or girl. Relationship with the children can be predicted from this house. First child is predicted from 5th house. Astrology can even predict if the child will look beautiful, successful, etc. Strong 5th house bring most of the happiness in one’s life. Often, an astrologer recommends the gemstone for 5th lords irrespective of any other yoga in native’s horoscope.

This house is the houses of risks and any gains and losses associated with it. These risks could take the form gambling, puzzles, lottery, betting or buying of shares.

There are problems of digestive organs such as liver, stomach, gall bladder and pancreas. An individual may face heart problem also.

The 5th house is called the Trikon house, i.e., one of the three auspicious houses (other being 1 and 9). This implies that the more planets placed in this house, the better results for the native. In this house, even the malefic planets tend to give auspicious results.