3rd House in Horoscope (Birth Chart)


    3rd House The 3rd house represents the native’s metal abilities and intelligence. It indicates the willingness of the native to study. Through this house, one can see whether the native would be hard- working and courageous or not and when there is a connection between the lord of the 10th or the 6th house, the native may be a soldier or could be in the army. While the presence of Mars causes the native to be cautious and lacking in boldness, the presence of Mars enhances the qualities of being brave.
3rd house is the area of the mind and wisdom. It executes how an individual form his awareness from what he is got in everyday life. The formation of his thinking process starts in the initial learning surroundings.

This house is also used to see any younger brother of sister of the native, and if this house is afflicted, the younger siblings may not be present. Number of co-born, whether the co-born will be brother or sister can be predicted from 3rd house. Relation with 3rd house is predicted by the lord of 3rd house and the 3rd house. For, example if the person having 3rd house as Cancer (Karkat) and Venus is present in Cancer then the person has all sisters and will have no brothers. If Venus is strong then sisters will be beautiful and will be a reason for pride.

The individual is very responsive, enquiring and communicative. He may possess the talent for mimicking others or their languages. He will be an emotional person. Hence he may intellectualize his emotion rather than rightly feel the matter. He will learn how to balance it when he will mature and develop. His views and ideas are changed frequently. He may adopt someone else views or ideas as if they are his own. It is not that he is an imitator, but because he often fail to own his own thoughts. He is very much sensitive to the others opinions. He may be nervous and unsatisfied.

He often takes decision alone for emotional or private reasons. He is comfy talking about the feelings and private matters and sharing the confidence that allow others to convey their inner feelings with him as well. The individual possesses a very good psychological perceptivity into others. The 3rd house is the house of communication which could be through transportation, computer or telephone. Hence this house can indicate any sort of short travel too. This house is also used to determine whether the native would go on to do business or would he be in a service. The careers suggested by this house are of a broker, publicist, or a representative. Since the house is also the house of books and publications, jobs like those of editor or journalist are also suggested.

The 3rd house also represents the ear, especially the right ear as well as any ailments pertaining to the neck. Other body parts governed by this house are the shoulders, the collar bones, the nervous system, the throat, the arms and the hands.

In the 3rd house, the negative impacts of the malefic tend to get reduced.