Kumba Rashi (Aquarius Moon Sign)


    Aries Kumba Rashi (Aquarius Moon Sign) is the 11th rashi and is governed by the planet Shani. This Rashi’s constituent is air, and is made up of Dhanishta, Shatbhisha and the initial three fourths of Poorvabhadrapada nakshatras.
People born under this sign tend to be smart and are able to effect change in their societies. They are focused and will set and work toward their goals. They are slow in making companions, but once you become their companion, you would have gained a good support person.
The Kumba are generally short individuals with light skin. Moodiness is one of their weak points which can end up causing problems for their spouses. These Aquarians are big on giving back to society and endear themselves to other people by their helpful attitude. These individuals are hardworking and aspire to do great things. Health wise, they often suffer from upset stomach and pain in the head.

The men of this Rashi are hardworking and very structured. They make no move without making sure that they have turned it over and over in their brains. Being considerate is a part of their character. They love to find out about things and will spend time in analysis. Kumba rashi women are peculiar and this makes them very alluring to members of the opposite gender. She is beautiful and intelligent and often leaves people wandering about her.

Native born in this sign is susceptible to infectious diseases. He/She needs to take lots of rest and avoid overtaxing the body. Body parts rules by this sign are ankles, circulatory system, calves and shins. Common disease includes cirsulatory problems, varicose veins, anxiety, arthritis and palpitation.

This Rashi’s fortunate colors are black and blue. Fortunate days for them are Friday and Saturday and their jewel is blue sapphire in silver.

The natives of the Kumbha Rashi are kind and sympathetic. They may seem detached from friends. Actually they enjoy themselves in the strangeness. They believe that their partners should be given an ample of freedom. Their cheerfulness and amiableness helps them draw the attentions. If they are sad, none can make out that there is something wrong as they are inclined to focus on their deeds to such a level.

The persons possess the Kumbha Rashi in their birth chart have a very strong ego. They will try their best is unusual. It is not that their lot to be conventional. The individuals may be unrealistic and liberal. They make believe that fear, jealousy and possessiveness do not exist. It is that they are someway above such trivial feelings. They may be very obstinate about reaching their way. They learn how to handle themselves when they get older. They think a strong desire for independence at any stage of their life.

The natives of the Aquarious are cooler, unfriendly and fair than Aries. The resident of the Aquarius sign are logical and sensible than the Aries. Aquarius wants equality and he does not want to be dominated