Mesh Rashi(Aries Moon Sign)


    Aries Of all the Rashis, Mesh is the foremost. The constituent of this Rashi is fire and its emblem is the Ram. It is governed by the planet Mangal(Mars). Under the Mesh Rashi, the Birth Stars(janma Nakshatras) included are Ashwini, Bharani and Krittika. People born under this sign are lovers of peppery dishes. They are not prolific speakers and tend to smile a lot. These individuals are not usually tall, but possess physical strength. The Mesh Rashi are good corporate citizens and leaders. They are hardworking and determined to succeed. This determination helps in their wealth acquisition. However, they can be temperamental and hasty.
They make good friends and take care of their family. They are very practical people but tend to be stubborn at times. They are loners when it comes to work and are very independent. In addition, they are seen as avid readers with skin problems and issues with vision. They are good at argument, and make excellent lawyers, businessmen and politicians.

The men of this sign are leaders with lots of self assurance.. Some see them as being forceful or even domineering. He loves to visit other places, but avoids situations that place him on the water. Similarly, the women of this sign are carefree, and ambitious. They are also very frank and can be seen to pick at everything. Because of their constant fretting they tend to have frequent headaches and trouble with their vision.

Lord of this sign is Mars, Element Nature is Fire and rules over Head, brain, and pineal gland.

Generally the native has good immunity and resistance to diseases particularly to infectious diseases. But the body is prone to injuries and danger of accidents. Must avoid excess meat. General diseases are headack, migraine, head cold, fever, haemorrhage, high blood pressure, body pain, poor self-confidence, mental problems, scalp and hair related problems, meningiris and insomnia.

Persons born under Mesh Rashi(Aries moon sign) are given names from Chu, Loo, Cho and Chey. Their fortunate number is nine and the days are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Red is their color and their precious stone is coral.

The natives of this Rashi are adventurous. They love for roaming. They may won fame and wealth.

The planet Moon governs the emotional state. Hence, if the planet Moon is located in the Aries, just see. Aries Moon is not regarded as self – controlled. They are spontaneous and passionate. If any plan strikes the residents, they are the 1st bandwagon for making it certainty without hesitating to think about the hindrances they may face in their way.

The natives are well – suited for facing challenges which might annihilate the lesser person. The native are very clever. They frequently move towards their situations with an imposing angle. Rarely there are some who might blame anything on the other persons.

Though the Aries Moon gets anything personally yet they do not hold the bitterness. When they feel insulted, the natives will pop out angrily and let those creditworthy know about it. The emotions of the resident of Mesh Rashi may quickly change.