Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant)


    Virgo People born with Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant) are most likely to view the world through their own glasses. The best thing about people with Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant) is that they want to become a productive member of their societies. They want to invest in the betterment of their surrounding and, they don’t bother if society does not recognize their efforts.
People with Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant) are often practical and possess different skills. People with Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant) have the ability to realize their talents, skills, and potentials whereas, getting anxious on trivial things are their weakness. Their habit of becoming worried can draw negative effects on their skills.

The natives of the Virgo Ascendant are in fact shy in nature. They need time to examine things in their surroundings. They observe the smallest facts which are overlooked by others.

They are very sensitive to any distress situations. They are very much alert about their health. They may take pleasure in the activities which merge the body and mind, such as Yoga.

People belong to the Virgo Ascendant may be over organised in some part of their lives. They like gossip. They are inquisitive about anything around them. They have the capability for absorbing vast amount of information and they are happy to share this information with the others

They have the tendency for helping other whether they really need help or not. They are trustworthy. If someone is in crisis, they are always there to help him out. The people of the Virgo Ascendant are loyal friends. They are reluctant to take credit. They may build a sense of low standard owing to being excessive modest. They learn easily. They spend lot of times analyzing themselves.

People with Virgo rising are in habit of criticizing their own self for their deeds. This self criticism brings mental disturbances for them and can lead to chronic situations if not released. Physical processes of people with Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant) can be easily affected by their disturbed mental functioning e.g., negative thinking and hopelessness.

Virgo Ascendant or Kanya Lagna is ruled by Mercury. Hence a person with Virgo Ascendant is freckle minded. They can never strict to a firm long term decision. They can be convinced easily by the environment and circumstances. Even though they are fast in reaction, they needs to strict to their goals. They should decide which brand or model to buy before going to the shop as a marketing agent can easily sell him the product he never wanted.

These negative feelings are reduced when these people work for the betterment of others as it induces the feelings of worth in them. Sometimes these people may become inflexible in their attitudes. Mediation can be helpful in reducing their rigidity. People with Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant) are very careful in choosing their meals as their digestion system is sensitive and can easily be disrupted. Virgos are very disciplined and practical in their nature. They are good advisors as well.