Venus (Sukre)

This planet has the distinguished honor of being the property of the sages.  This means that it is in a prominent position and is an important part of astrology.  Venus stands for, among other things, love, riches, and fine arts.  Its influence on the natives causes them to be calm, thoughtful and sweet.  These persons are lovers of fine things like jewelry and fragrances.
Venus Sukra
When Venus is in a good position, the persons affected can expect to enjoy the finer things in life.  Riches, good status in society and an overall contented spirit appeal to its natives. 

It makes them agreeable and easy to get along with, or at least, less inclined to be miserable.  On the other hand, if this planet does not find itself in a good position, it brings problems in relationships, difficulty finding and keeping a job and an overall disturbed peace of mind. 

It can even extend to having problems with women in relationships.  This is an area of life that should be peaceful.

If it is found in the 4th house, it is said to be in a good place and should not find itself in the 3rd, 6th, or 8th houses.

Venus is the 2nd planet in our solar system. The revolution time of the Venus around the Sun is 225 Earth days. It is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. Venus is named after the Roman goddess Venus who was the god of love & beauty. It is the hottest planet in our solar system. Venus’ surface temperature is 480⁰ C. This planet gets its highest brightness slightly before the sunrise and slightly after the sunset. Hence it is called as the “Morning Star” or “Evening Star.” This planet is one of the four heavenly planets. Venus is considered as the Sister planet of the Earth for its similarity in size and gravity. Venus is mainly full of Carbons. The planet Venus might have contained oceans in the ancient time. But these might be vaporized due to the rise of temperature for increasing green house gas. Hence Venus is now a dry planet.

Venus is the planet for all kind of pleasure and comfort in life. If a person has strong Venus then the person is gifted with luxury, good opposite genger partner(s) and attractive body. Weak Venus makes a person away from any luxury. For example, a person may have lots of money bu can not dress up good or can not enjoy a great car or well furnished home if the person has a weak Venus.

The zodiac signs Taurus and Libra are ruled by this planet but Capricorn and Aquarius find that it is always good to have Venus around as well.  Marriages are better and persons find that they get along really well.

Venus represents the water element and vaat and kafa humours in the body.

Venus rules on vision, urine, semen etc. Under affliction, venus can cause physical relations and urine-related problems, poor vision, typhoid and appendicitis.