Saturn (Sani)

Saturn is the most heaviest and influential planet after Jupiter. Saturn is said to be the old and learned teacher and Guru or Saint who punishes someone for his or her sin. Person having powerful Saturn in birth chart will be slow but steady in progress.
Saturn Sani
When this planet is not in a good place, a host of ills will descend on the individual. Problems with the mind and body as well as proper functioning of the spirit can be seen.

The person is usually acting in ways that others can see are detrimental for him or her.

However, they cannot seem to see that. This planet is the once who instructs others in the ways of good behavior and doing what they are supposed to do. Generally all persons pass through the effects of this planet at some time or another. When it is in a good place, the person learns to take their time and develops good work ethics.

There is increased honesty in the individual as well as a good knowledge of how to take one’s time. Our morals relating to what should and should not be done are also affected by this planet. The persons under its influence understand the concepts of fairness and learn how to be true to themselves as well as others.

Diseases that can affect the body with a badly placed Saturn include hair falling out, diminished hearing, asthma, jaundice and depression. If you intend to make this planet happy, there are several things that may be done.

You could incorporate wearing blue sapphires, wear the correct rings and pendants, engage in fervent prayer, fast at least 51 Sabbaths and chant the mantras. These do not include all that may be done, but it is a start.

Saturn is the 6th planet in our solar system. It is the 2nd largest planet after the Jupiter. It was named after the Roman God Saturn. It is a gas giant planet. Its diameter is about 9 times that of the Earth. Its average density is 1/8th of the Earth’s density. But Saturn is ninety five times more than the volume of the Earth.

Its inner side is consisted with iron, rock (Oxygen and Silicon compounds) and nickel. It is surrounded by a huge layer of metallic hydrogen, a middle layer of liquid hydrogen and liquid helium with an outer layer of gas. This planet shows a yellow colour owing to the presence of ammonia crystals in its superior ambience.

Saturn has a beautiful ring structure that contains 9 continuous principal rings and 3 discontinuous arcs. It is built mainly with particles of ice and small amount of debris and dust of rocks. It has over 50 satellites. Titan is the largest satellite of Saturn. It is the 2nd largest satellite in our solar system after Ganymede. Titan is larger than the Mercury.

Saturn rules over legs, feet, nerves, glandular secretions, etc. If Saturn is weak in horoscope it can cause complicated and long-turm diseases and sometimes diseases which are not easily diagnosed. It can cause tumors, cancer, nervous weakness, stomach ailments, wind troubles, paralysis and ailments related to feet.