Mithuna Lagna (Gemini Ascendant)


    Gemini People born with Mithuna Lagna (Gemini Ascendant) have an innate curiosity to understand how the persons and other things in their surroundings work. Multitalented Mithuna Lagna (Gemini Ascendant) has good adaptation qualities which make their survival easy in novel situations. Usually people with Mithuna Lagna (Gemini Ascendant) spend their lives in experimentations. Such experimentations may make them jack of all, but they don’t get full hold over any one thing. People with Mithuna Lagna (Gemini Ascendant) may remain indecisive during their lives and cannot stick to one particular approach or point of view.

These people need freedom to move around, interacting with different people, and getting their own experiences. This situation sometimes leads towards the lack of dedication and commitment in their lives.

The people of Gemini Ascendant are generally tall and active in his work. They have a well developed facial expression. Their eyes are clear but they have snub nose. Though they are weak yet they are active.

Normally, a Gemini born native is master in mechanical jobs. They may suffer unexpected nervous breakdown. Their minds are conscious of their own dissoluteness. They should be careful while moving towards the opposite gender. The native of the Gemini Ascendant are clever. They have the ability of writing on literature. They are relaxed. Their character may be fraudulent and deceiving if some malefic occurs in this lagna.

Communication is thought as the fundamental thing by Gemini to deliver ideas. Mithuna Lagna (Gemini Ascendant) should not influence their communication with emotional barriers. As child, they may have a pathetic childhood, which induces the feelings of aloofness in them.

If the planet Sun is placed in the Gemini Ascendant then it makes them prudence, learned, calm, prosperous, introvert and well communicator.

If the planet Moon is placed in the Gemini Ascendant then it makes them artistic, humorous, skilful, good reader. They love women and music as well. They live long life. They have curly hair.

If the planet Mars is placed in the Gemini Ascendant then it makes them ambitious, courageous, rude and irritable. They possess a scientific mind.

Gemini Ascendant or Mithun Lagna is ruled by Mercury. Hence a person with Gemini Ascendant is freckle minded. They can never strict to a firm long term decision. They can be convinced easily by the environment and circumstances. Even though they are fast in reaction, they needs to strict to their goals. They should decide which brand or model to buy before going to the shop as a marketing agent can easily sell him the product he never wanted.

If the planet Jupiter is placed in the Gemini Ascendant then it makes them well built, auspicious heart, wise, political and graceful.

So as an adult they have to break this wall of loneliness on their own. Criticism during childhood can produce hindrance for them in contacting with others. People with Mithuna Lagna (Gemini Ascendant) are said to have young looks, and their communication is their talent. Sometimes others may not follow the speed of Gemini that may leads towards the feeling of boredom. They need stimulation and want to motivate others as well. These people are optimistic in their approaches and generous toward other people.

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