11th House in Horoscope (Birth Chart)


    11th House    The 11th house is considered the house of the allies and includes all friends, close acquaintances, well- wishers and admirers of the native. The 11th house also represents profit, progress and ‘Kama’ or pleasure/ desire and any fulfillment associated with it.
The 11th house is an often wrongly understood house. This house is associated with gain of objectives and things. Again it is related with punishment as it is the 6th from the 6th house which is the sign of punishment. So it needs an explanation.

This house symbolizes the gains, brother or sister, prosperity, rising of husband, mother’s longevity, friends, hopes, wishes, ambitions, marriage, disease etc.

The 11th house is a very auspicious house and is always connected with wealth and gain. The more planets in this house and the stronger these planets, the wealthier the native will be. If in association with the 9th house, then the financial gain is from foreign sources. This house also suggests further education in foreign lands.

The various kinds of earnings are depicted from Houses 1 till 10, where 1st house shows earnings through self- efforts, 2nd house shows earning s through creative writing or public speaking, 3rd house shows earnings from younger siblings while 4th house shows earnings from a mother or a mother figure.

Earlier in vedic astrology, 11th house used to consider as malefic house. In modern age, money has become the most import need of life and source for happiness but not the source of trouble in life. Hence in modern astrology this house is considered as important and auspicious house. There is no raj yoga formed by this house, but Lakshmi Yoga (Yoga for Money) is formed when 11th lord is associated with Kendra lord and placed in strong house.

This house is known as badhaka for the cardinal signs. Generally the sign of badhaka is Aquarius and Saturn is the lord. Badhaka rashi and their lords make obstacles in an individual’s life which can be impossible to rectify. It is because of the wrongly placement of planets. When the planets are placed in well place and related with badhaka sign or the lord the planets can remove the obstacles. Then the opportunities will come to the native.

The fifth house suggests earnings through gambling and other risks, the sixth suggests earnings through services and debts, the seventh house suggests earnings through any partnerships, the eighth house suggests earnings through insurance and legacies, the 9th house suggests earnings through the foreign collaborations or from the native’s father, and the 10th house suggests earnings from business or bank withdrawals. The 12th house is the house of expenditures and if we add up all earnings from houses 1 till 10 and then deduct the expenditures shown by house 12, the net earning and wealth is depicted by the 11th house.

The 11th house speaks about our destiny, i.e. our dreams and hopes. Our imaginative visualization is fore grounded. The strength of combine imagination as well as the imaginative glows generated by the group is also significant to the house.