Mithun Rashi (Gemini Moon Sign)


    Gemini Gemini is governed by Planet Mercury (Budh). Its motif, which is one of the most recognizable, is the couple and its constituent is air. The last two fourths of Mrigasira, all of Ardra and the first three fourths of Punarvasu Nakshatras come together to make up this Rashi. These are some wise and innovative individuals who can be insightful and still remain isolated. They are talented individuals who achieve what they set out to.
Physically, they are healthy and have a genuine appreciation for fine cuisine. They also take part in yoga and reflection. Males of the Mithun Rashi (Gemini Moon sign) are loving individuals who take good care of their spouses. They appreciate females who are helpful and will not just sit at home tending to their own affairs. A good relationship with their female children is something that they have as well. The women are good at multitasking and love to contemplate as well. However, she may not behave in a manner that is befitting to one who is called a home-maker.

These individuals have green as their fortunate color and nothing but an emerald could be considered as a precious stone. Their fortunate number is 5 and days are Wednesday and Friday.

Generaly person born under this signs are effected from anxiety and mental strain. They need to take good sleep and care of lungs. Body parts it rules are arma, hands, fingers, soulders, upper ribs, lungs, bronchial tract, thymus gland, nerves and nervous system and collar bone. It represents diseases related to nervous system, restlessness of mind, chest and lungs complaints, asthma, pleurisy and insomnia.

Consuming food when their minds are in an uncomfortable setting is not recommended. Unfortunately, the women of this rashi may sometimes find soothing relaxation in consuming strong drink. Many of these inhabitants are predisposed to illnesses like asthma.

The people of Gemini Moon Sign require a lot of motivation to keep their attention. They never stop whether they are reading, talking or thinking. They are restless. They may bore simply. They continue their worries. They have the ability for handling nervousness.

The people are amiable and good natured. They have aptitude with their words. They have great imagination power. If they are confident to stick with their artistic skill, they may success in this area. They must require social interaction otherwise they cannot survive.

The placement of the planet Moon in the Gemini Sign is suitable for an accountant, investor, actor, journalist, dancer or a librarian.

People possess with this sign have the variety in their character. They are garrulous. They are witty and possess alterable mind. They are suitable in the job related to media, travel or sales. They wish the recognition whatever they do. Owing to their fickle mind their aim remains unfulfilled. Occasionally they get nervous.

They are playful in their love. Normally they change their partner every now and then. They may engage in more than one relationship. They look the relationship as an exciting experience. They are emotionally flexible.