Moon (Chandra)

The Moon is an integral part of the astrological birth charts of people.  Depending on where it is, it determines your personality at that time.  The people who are born under  the signs of Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Pisces benefit greatly from having the moon in a good position. 

However, the Moon is the ruler of the zodiac, Cancer.  The Moon is responsible for a person’s likes and dislikes and their power to blend in and change according to what is happening around them. 
Moon Chandra
Moon in a good position will bestow affluence and good status on its natives.  Not only these, but the persons family life will be blessed as well.  The individual will be cheerful and content with what life has to offer them. 

The placement in the first house (Kendras) is favorable and will bring great benefits to all who are affected. 

Consequently, if the Moon is not in a good position, it causes the mind to become unsettled and can even cause the individual to have trouble making decisions. 

They become troubled and not sure that they are able to do what they need to.  Instances of depression and mental anguish have been known to plague persons whose Moon is not well placed.  Self confidence is affected and you end up with indecision where there was need for mental stability. Balance of the body is sometimes affected because of the inability to get rid of unwanted fluids.  Finally, relationships can be affected by the Moon ’s position and they will need to be worked on seriously if they are going to be restored

Moon is created about 4½ billion years ago. There are many opinions on the origin of the Moon. But the most widely accepted view is, the Moon created from the wastage left over after a massive crash between the earth and the Mars. It is only heavenly body other than our Earth on which human beings have put their feet. The 1st unmanned spacecraft which was reached on the surface of the Moon is Soviet Union’s Luna in the year 1959. Only NASA achieved the success for sending human beings on the Moon. Scientists are working with the lunar rock which was brought from the Moon for investigating the origins and other history related to Moon.

Moon is one of the brightest substances in the sky. But the surface of the Moon is very dark which is similar that of coal. The importance of the Moon in the sky and its usual cycles of stages since the ancient age create the Moon a significant cultural power on calendars, mythology and arts. Its gravitational power is the reason of ocean tide.

Moon is being the closest planet from Earth. Even though, Moon is not the heaviest but having much impact on human nature, health and motivations. Weak Moon causes disease related to cold, cough, breathing problems, sinus etc. Debilitated Moon can also cause death in river or any similar water body. They are suggested to stay away from Water specially if Moon is placed in 8th house.

Weak Moon may cause trouble in related to Blood, body-fluids, lungs, mind, left-eye, breast