4th House in Horoscope (Birth Chart)


    4th House The 4th house is the house of the mother as this house is ruled by the Cancer or ‘Kark’, which, in Hindu Astrology is associated with the goddess Parvathi. Moon is a signification of Mother and hence its presence in the 4th house is always beneficial.
The 4th house is also connected with any land and building which is permanent. This could be the native’s land property, any other property that cannot be moved or in general, it could be linked with monuments, pastures, fields, or gardens. If Mars is placed auspiciously in relation with the 4th house, the native may invest in or buy land property but if it is placed inauspiciously, the native may sell it or see a loss in the land property.

There is and argue about a fact that either mother or father who is associated with the fourth house. Some says father belongs to the fourth house and some says mother belongs to the fourth house. But I personally believe that mother is belongs to the fourth house and father is belongs to the tenth house. Because women are governed by the planet Moon and usually the planet Moon rules the fourth house. So I think my observation is quiet right and all of you who read my article may understand that. The utmost source of pleasure and enjoyment in this world is an adoring mother. It is believed that at the time of an individual’s birth the God appointed a “Protector Angel” to look after the individual. It is known by us that an adoring mother is the physical equivalent of that Protector Angel. If the planet Moon is badly affected, an individual’s mother may not be of any help to the individual. Hence it might be one which is responsible for mental distress.

From 4th house one can predict the luck related to mother. Some native are lucky about mother when they have strong 4th house and lord of 4th house. Relationship with mother can also be predicted from the 4th house. If 4th lord is strong and not affected or aspected by any malefic planet then the person will be benefitted from mother. Also, strong 4th lord indicate good health of mother. Weak 4th lord indicates health problems to native’s mother.

The 4th house represents the primary education of the native. It also represents vehicles, and the placement of Venus means that either the native owns a car, or will buy one soon, while a malefic planet would cause expenditure related to vehicles.

This house is a house of secrets. Any sort of secrets, hidden treasures, buried truths, a secret life, and development of occult texts are represented here. It also relates to any sort of inheritance through bloodline, inherited properties and objects and finding of hidden treasures which may have been buried.

The 4th House is considered a “Kendra” which means it an auspicious house. This quality of 4th house suggests that the more planets placed in it, the better results native will have.