Vrischik Lagna (Scorpio Ascendant)


    Scorpio People born with Vrischik Lagna (Scorpio Ascendant) may face many challenges in their lives like Aries. Once they go through all these challenges, they use their experience in guiding other people. Challenges for people with Vrischik Lagna (Scorpio Ascendant) not only come from the external world, but these can also be present in their own selves in the form of negativity, obsessions, and emotional conditions that may infect their mental health.

People born with Vrischik Lagna (Scorpio Ascendant) may sometimes feel jealousy, greed, and other negative feelings but these feelings can be eliminated by acknowledging and appreciating them. Strong feelings of jealousy may isolate them from other people and destroy the personality of Vrischik Lagna (Scorpio Ascendant). In order to release such negative feelings, involving them in creative work can be helpful.

Scorpio Ascendant may try to find out his true nature. During this exploration, he may experience the phases of hopelessness and disability which makes him to give up and rely on other people. People with Vrischik Lagna (Scorpio Ascendant) rarely express their true feelings, and it becomes difficult to judge their motives in certain situations.

Scorpions avoid intimacy, but once they commit themselves with someone or something, no one can be more passionate and devoted than them. They have great power of adaptation and reconstructing their selves, and they can also teach these tricks to other people. People with Vrischik Lagna (Scorpio Ascendant) have empathy for others. They are reliable and good listeners. They may work as a change agent for society.

Scorpio Ascendant people are soft – spoken and calm. They are imaginative and passionate. But they are strong enough and determined also. The natives of Scorpio Ascendant, at the time of their dealings with the other people search for answers by interpreting.

A native of this ascendant worth his secrecy. It may be border on fear. They have to control their surroundings. They are the specialist in making strategy. They graph their moves very watchfully and intentionally.

These people are searching for a down to earth and trustworthy partner. They long someone who is faithful and who wishes an elongated commitment. They wish to love their partner till death. If they are disloyal with these ascendants then they get it personally.

A person belongs to the Scorpio Ascendant with its governing planet Mars in Sagittarius may take action to the condition in a little different way than the other person does, also with the Vrischik Lagna, but whose Mangal is in the Capricron. A native belongs to the Vrischik Lagna who has the planet Saturn cooperate it may act little differently than other does with a Vrischik Lagna native who has not possess the aspect in his birth chart.

People of Scorpio Ascendant have the strength to recover from financial, physical and mental problems which are crushing to the others.

Vrischik Lagna or Scorpio Ascendant is ruled by the planet Mars. Hence their basic nature will be angry, dominant, ruler, fighter with attitude not to bend to someone. It is fatal if they need to be a servant of someone. They are better as their on boss. Most often anger pulls them down and in longer time they loose opportunity in the path of growth in career.