10th House in Horoscope (Birth Chart)


    10th House    The 10th house is the house of the native’s karmas or his actions and the achievements his actions has brought him. While the native may have been very well educated, if the planets in his 10th house are not benevolent, he may be working at a position much lower than his education could have got him.
The 10th house also suggests any kind of career change. The 2nd, 6th and the 10th house together form a ‘Material Trinity’ and determine the nature of occupation of the native and his success and failure at it. If the lagna lord is present in the 10th house or if the 10th lord is present in the lagna house, then the native would do an independent business. The type of business is further determined by the nature of the planets present in the 10th house.

The 10th house explains an individual’s self – assurance and an independent trade.

An individual is made up his mind and focused in his goal due to the presence of a steady sign in the karma bhava. He wishes to be self – governing. They are also patience in nature.

The 10th house confronts us to earn regard and acknowledgement in the world in a broad way, making it identified as the house of success and social rank. Capricorn is strongly dominant in its epitome of the ever mountaineering goat. This house symbolizes our motivation and ability of making huge contributions to the world, setting up our social image.

The perceptivity in the 10th house execute how we act in the original world, how we get things done. An inner influence is needed. The complete expression of the 10th house is a strength which is solid rock. It may be gained from the experience, knowledge, determination and a growing history of success. In which field you are expert? This sign and the planetary action of the 10th house explain what field is suitable for you.

10th house also responsible for father and boss. Good 10th house implies good and benefic father. Relationship with father can also be predicted from 10th house. If 10th house is weak then there can be differences with father or there may be bad health of father. In this case every period or dasha of 10th house may bring health problem to the father.

This house is also a representation of the native’s name, fame, power, credit, success, reputation, social status and his job positions. The more planets in the 10th house, the more activities the native will indulge in to form his reputation. The presence of Saturn in an auspicious position in the 10th house makes the native rise in the industry although it also indicates delays. Hence it also makes the native patient. The placement of the Sun in the 10th house makes the native powerful, dignified, at a high social status, prosperous and authoritative. The Sun suggests a job with the Government which tends to stable and steady.