Sun (Surya)

The sun travels around the solar system and has an impact on the signs of the zodiac.  Depending on where it is, different things happen to people.  It is also a major factor when talking about astrology, and horoscopes depend heavily on its position. 

If the sun is in a placeed in good and stronger house, good things will come to those affected.  Things like riches being in a position to direct and guide others and good standing are all possible with the sun’s good position.  On the other hand, if it is not in a very good position, it causes problems with the individual’s mind.   Some of the problems include having a dark outlook on life, low energy and even haughtiness.
Sun Surya
In order for our true selves to be brought to the surface, the sun has to be in a good place. The effects of the sun can be seen in an individual’s ingenuity and their health. Even dreams and aspirations are affected by the sun. Our individuality and what makes us stand out has its placement in the sun. We know persons are who they are and sometimes wonder if they could possibly change.
The problem could be that their sun is displaced for the moment. Sometimes, the position will change and the negative aspects of the individual are removed. Being able to enjoy life to the fullest also has its foundation in the sun.

Many people love to engage in some kind of sport or outing that brings fun. The sun brings all the aspects of our personality together and makes us well rounded individuals.

The Sun is located at the middle of our Solar system. It is a star. It is made almost 4.6 billion years ago due to gravitational collapse of an area. All the other stars including the planets are made by this process. It is almost sphere – shaped. It comprises of hot plasma mingle with the magnetic field. The diameter of the Sun is around 14 Lakhs Km. It is about 110 times bigger than the Earth. The mass of the Sun is 1.96 X 1020 tones which is about 99.9% of total Solar System. 3/4th mass of the Sun comprises of Hydrogen and the rest part is full of Helium. A little percentage contains heavy elements including carbon, oxygen, iron and neon. Its density is 1.41 times that of water. The temperature of the surface of the Sun is about 5500⁰ C. The core temperature of the Sun is around 1 Crore 50 Lakhs Degree Celsius. In the core, the Sun combines above 600 million tones of hydrogen in each second.

The Sun rules the heart, in both physical and psychological sense. The heart is the central organ of the body, pumping the essential life force (Blood) throughout the entire system. Likewise we feel our essential self is in our heart the place of courage, love and generosity.
Sun is the ruler of Leo and Sun represents Fire.

Weak Sun make problems related to Heart, Stomach, Head, right-eye, bones and construction of the body.

Good Sun makes a person Ruler, Famous, Courageous.