Kut 2024

1 November 2024
Manipur    Regional holiday

Kut festival or Chavang Kut is one of the most famous festivals of Manipur. It is celebrated by the tribes of Kuki-Chin-Mizo groups of Manipur, Chavang Kut is a festival which is observed with so much zeal and joyousness. During this festival, the people of all communities of Manipur come together to celebrate this amazing fiesta. It is observed to mark the end of the harvesting season and also to thank deities for a good harvest season. Therefore, the festival is named Chavang Kut; Chavang stands for ‘autumn and Kut mean ‘harvest. In the earlier days, the Kut festival used to last a number of days and many rituals were also carried out in these days. After the main rites, the village priest used to distribute rice beer to the locals to celebrate the rice harvest The celebration also included the dancing and singing along with the sports competitions and feasts.

However, the festival underwent a few changes after the influence of Christianity and the western nations. Kuki people have now converted themselves into Christianity but still, the festival is still celebrated by them to respect and offer their prayers to a higher being for the bestowing a good harvest. This beautiful Manipuri festival is celebrated on the first day of November month every year. During this time, the farmers gather their whole harvest and celebrate the accomplishment of a good crop. One of the major attraction of this festival is the Miss Kut Beauty Pageant which includes many performances from various artists. The pageant is organised on a large scale and is attended by various famous personalities of the state.