Manipur Holiday 2024

Manipur is a small state located in north-eastern India. It is famous for its scenic beauty and proximity to the Himalayas. There are many festivals celebrated by the natives of the state. One of the most famous ones is Gang-Ngai, an important festival of the Kabui Nagas. The festival opens with the omen taking ceremony on the first day and the rest of the days involve a common feast, dances of old men and women and of boys and girls, presentation of farewell gifts, and many other local rituals.
Lui-Nagai-Ni is a collective festival of the Nagas observed on the 15th of February every year. This is a seed sowing festival after which tribes belonging to the Nagas begin their cultivation and harvest action. Social-gathering, songs, dances, and rejoicing are the main attractions of this festival. The annual festival also plays a great role in boosting morale and strengthening the bond of the Naga community. Other famous festivals of Manipur include Yaosang, Cheiroba, or the Manipuri new year, Kang or the rath yatra of Manipur, Heikru Hitongba, Ningol Chak Kouba, Ramazan, Christmas, and many other national festivals. The tribal natives of Manipur celebrate their festivals with the utmost traditional practices and joy.