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The Line of Fate or the Line of Destiny (1-1) is one of the most significant lines in your hand. This line certainly appears to denote at the least principal incidents of your career. It can be observed on the palm even at the time of birth, distinctly denoting the kinds of Destiny or Fate which lies in the faraway before an inhabitant. In few cases it looks obscure or faint as though the way of Destiny or Fate is not clearly defined. In other cases, about every step or way is well-defined with its records of success or failures, joy or sorrow according to the case. Few people are there who have not possessed any Fate. There are some people also who seem to shape their Fate or Destiny from day after day. But you should try to find what your destiny or fate may be. Like a faithful workman accepts whatever the works have to prove. You should carry it to the zenith of your capability. You should leave the final outcome to the lord who thinks fit to employ you in the jobs. When you study, you will find that the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate can climb from the following clear locations:

It may ascend straight from your wrist or out of the Life Line or from the Mount of Moon or from the centre of your palm.


fate line raising palmistryAscending from the Life Line (2-2) your triumph will be created by your own effort and merit. The early days in your life this kind of Fate will be restricted. Your surroundings and the circumstances are not favourable to you at that time. Hence you have to sacrifice a lot for your parents or kiths and kin. You have to fulfil the desires or your parents in those days. If the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate continues its journey strongly and clearly from where the line leaves Life Line then you will surmount all types of difficulties in your life. You will get success through your merit and effort. You have not depended on fate any time in your life. One more significant and outstanding point is that the years or date marked on the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate into your palm will be observed to concur with the year of your life. In this year you will declare your liberty and do what you long for. If this date is observed then it will be most significant in your career.


If the Destiny Line or Fate Line climbs from your wrist (1-1) and ascends straight to the middle of your palm to the Mount of Saturn then the Line of Sun (4-4) will be observed well marked, brilliance, luck and victory will present the Fate. Hence you may expect excessive good fortune.


Climbing from the Mount of Moon (3-3) your Destiny or Fate will be much more exciting, variable and it depends on the caprice and fancy of other persons.


If this type of line is observed merging with the Line of Heart (1-1) then you will spend a prosperous and happy conjugal life. Romance and some lucky circumstances will play vital role in your life. When the Line of Destiny is straight but with the line going through and merging it from Mount of Moon (5-5) then your fate has been assisted by some outsider’s influence. Normally it is a sign of influence of opposite gender to you. If the line of control from the Mount of Moon does not mix with the Line of Fate or Line of Destiny (2-2) then it indicates that the life of other person will always stay different. The control will remain only for the period of the time that runs by your Fate. If this control line cuts Fate Line or Destiny Line and leaving it and travels for few distances to the Mount of Jupiter (3-3) then it denotes that the person will only be concerned to you by his own ambition. It means that the person may apply you for fulfilling his ambitions. He will leave you when you are no longer of use. Normally it is observed on the palm of a woman than the palm of a man. If the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate climbing the palm sends a derivative from it to the any Mount like the Jupiter, Mercury or the Sun the Fate or Destiny will be much more related to the class which the Mount comes up to near the sign. When this type of line is observed going or approaching to the Jupiter (6-6) then it indicates the duty, strength of command over other people or some higher rank that will begin to be recognised from when the derivative leaves the Fate Line or Destiny Line. If this kind of sign carries on its course and ends on the Mount of Jupiter then it is one of the most important marks of victory which is observed for specific purpose or ambition.



line of destiny palmistryWhen this derivative climbs to the Mount of Sun (7-7) then the success will be towards the wealthy and public life. It will provide you huge name and publicity. It is a crucial mark of success. If the derivative ascends to the Mount of Mercury (8-8) then you will get the success in the field of commerce or science. When the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate does not climb to the usual place of Mount of Saturn and goes to the other Mount then the entire effort of your life will be traced with whatsoever characteristic that specific Mount indicates. This type of indication does not be regarded as the obvious marks of victory as when Destiny Line or Fate Line remains to its place and forwards its branches to the specific Mount. If the Line of Destiny or Life of Fate climbs to your palm without any branch and goes like a solitary way to the Mount of Saturn then you will be a child of Destiny chained to an iron path of situations. It will never be possible to you to turn away the trials of your Destiny or Fate or lessen it anyhow. You will not get help from people. This type of sign of Destiny or Fate right through the palm does not regard as the good line of Destiny. To be a truly good Destiny Line or Fate Line it must not be marked so deeply but to mark it distinctly and clearly and comes with the Line of Sun in any form. When the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate goes over Mount of Saturn and ascends to the base of your finger then it indicates an inauspicious outcome. If you take charge of anything then everything will get out of your control. Even actually you will not know when or how to end. If the Line of Destiny seems to be ended by the Heart Line then you career will be destructive. You will never achieve success. If the Line of fate or Line of Destiny merges with the Line of Heart and climbs together to the Mount of Jupiter (1-1) then you will possess contentment through your affections. You will be assisted through adoration and affection to achieve your highest aims. You will fortunate in respect of your friendship. You will get their love. You will be assisted by people. If the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate seems to be stopped by the Head Line (4-4) then it denotes that your career will be ruined through your foolishness and stupidity.



fate line palmistryIf the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate makes it presence farther in the middle of the hand which is known as Plain of Mars then it denotes that you will face a hard life in your early days. You have to fight to achieve something. If this line climbs distinctly and strongly from Plain of Mars and possess branch to the Mount of Sun then you will turn into architecture of your own fate. You will get success without anyone’s assistance. Your merit and hard work will provide you the ultimate success. If the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate climbs from the Head Line along with distinctly marked then you will get everything in your life late. You will obtain it through your own intelligence. If the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate is observed with a branch on Mount of Venus and the other branches on Mount of Moon, then it denotes that your career will be full of passion and romance through which you will get success to persuade the entire Destiny or Fate. If the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate ascends the Line of Life on Mount of Venus (2-2) then your fervent adoration will affect your entire career. It is found that these kinds of people normally place their fondness on impossible persons or on those who are involved in conjugal relation or else who are not able to satisfy the love which people demands. It is the most unfortunate mark for affection to discover the palm of a female.



If the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate is found broken then your career will full of difficulties and splits. You do not possess anything for long period. You will not get success continuously. A spilt in the Line of Fate is not indicates a bad fortunes to you for all the time. If one part starts before the other edges then it indicates that you will feel the entire change in your surroundings. If this new line seems straight and good then the changes may bring advancement in the position starting at the time when the 2nd line comes first.


If any tiny line merges with the Line of Destiny or runs as an assistant line then it normally denotes the marriage date when it is joined (3-3). You will not likely to marry if these lines don’t merge in spite of influence and affection’s presence in your career. If any of these influence signs comes beside the Line of Fate or Line of Destiny and crosses by it to the Mount of Mars then it denotes that the control thus observed will go to the detestation. It will hurt your career if it is observed on your palm (1-1).



If the Line of Destiny or Life of Fate is doubled then it is known as Double Life (2-2). If these 2 lines merge after running parallel for some distance then it denotes that this Double Line has been formed by the great affection which surroundings are not allowed to union. But it will be rooted out when these 2 lines are merged. If the Double Line of Destiny is distinctly signed, particularly when they go to the different Mounts of your palm then this type of sign denotes that you will carry out 2 careers simultaneously. One will be your main career and the other will be your hobby. If the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate is excessively obscure or only be drawn through your hand then it will denote that you will possess disbelief in the thought of Destiny or Fate. Frequently it is observed in the palm of very selfish person who rises up against the thought that he is ruled in anyway by Destiny or Fate or by any influence. If it is observed along with a well distinct Head Line then you will certainly win through your mentality. But it will not be capable of predicting the details of your Fate or Destiny. You should satisfy yourself with mostly describing your features, oddness etc. If your hand does not contain a Line of Destiny or Line of Fate and just contain only a normal Line of Head then there is not anything specific to say about your Fate or Destiny. Basically, you will lead a colourless life. Neither anything affects you nor will you be affected on anything. You will be found a very little chance to lighten your monotonous life. If you possess an island (3) in the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate then it will be a very bad indication to you. If it is observed at the commencement of line (4) then it denotes few mysteries in respect of beginning career.


fate line palmistryIf an island is observed on the palm of a female connecting with the Line of Destiny or Line of Fate with Mount of Venus then it is an obvious sign of her seduction (5). If an island is found in the any portion of a Plain of Mars then it denotes a duration of great troubles, loss in your profession (3). If an island is observed on the Heart Line and Fate Line then it denotes that you will incur loss for your stupidity or lack of prudence (6). You will suffer from the problem related to the love affairs if an island is located over the Destiny and Fate Line in your palm. If an island is situated on the Mount of Saturn or to the finishing of the Destiny Line (5) then it predicts that your career will end in misery and poverty. If the Fate Line ends at a zippy along with a cross then you may expect a fatality. If the cross is observed on the Line of Fate and on Mount of Saturn then the end of this type of Destiny will be full of tragedy such as public death, etc.