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MoonAsto.com owned by MRahi Solutions, having a team of the Astro Gurus who made astrology as a hobby but not a profession. We are passionate and dedicated in astrology and we assure you getting accurate information from a respected source.

All astrologers here provide information for FREE. Our goal is to provide all the astrological services made automated to make it completely free to you.

We have 20+ years of experience in astrology and We started This company recently and will continue to serve you with free predictions and other important information.

If you feel there are several information/prediction to be included, please email us, we will implement and include it for free.


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Rajat Pal is closely associated with astrology for the past 20 years. His experiences included solving many complicated problems, and showed the direction to thousands of peoples. Business, Career, Love, Family life, Finances, Interpersonal Relationships, etc many areas where astrology can provide remedies are the area of expertise and can provide effective solutions. Moreover, Astrology is hobby and the area of interest and it is a true passion for him.

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