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Sun : Aries 5.2°
Moon : Scorp 26.6°
Venus : Aquar 20.6°
Mercury : Pisce 27.8°
Mars : Virgo 20.9°
Jupiter : Gemin 19.3°
Saturn : Libra 27.5°
Rahu : Libra 4.5°
Ketu : Aries 4.5°
Urenus : Pisce 19.5°
Neptune : Aquar 12.8°
Pluto : Sagit 19.5°

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Fort Huachuca, United States

MoonAstro is Moon Sign Based Vedic Indian Astrology or Jyotish.


Sunsign Compatibility : Moonastro brings Sunsign compatibility features between a male and a female native. Please check here for more detail ...

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Indian Moonsign Astrology

Indian MoonSign Astrology Native Indian astrology or Native Indian Vedic astrology is one of the earliest Astrology Concept which prevails is the astrological world concept. It is basically depending on Heavenly satellite indication of an individual or any enterprise. And the heavenly satellite is Moon. This concept is calculated as the Jyotish. Key to the Native Indian Vedic Astrology is that the planetary ayanamsa computations are made using the sidereal astrology. Also, as Sun is the most powerful in the astrology system, Heavenly satellite, Moon is also the nearest substance in respect of planet World and it also have the most powerful impact on any - thing or lifestyle on this world. .
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April 2014 Monthly Prediction

monthly rashifal
Aries Moon Sign: he month of April may begin with some challenges at work which the Mesh rashi person should face with courage. So that your daily life doesnt get effected and you can move on towards the goal of your life. Your confidence on your abilities can help you to overcome all difficulties and hence stress cannot occupy your mind. Generally Mesh rashi people are blessed with strong financial status which eventually increases your expenses so much that it equalizes your earning. Thus it is necessary to plan your savings in the beginning of the year especially for emergency cases. Mesh
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If you were born on 19th April

born today
As far as material success or power is concerned, there are no heights to which persons born in this sign cannot rise. You will provide flattery from the persons who are attracted by you. You will incline to lack of caution. You are an impulsive by nature and quick in thought and action. You are very frank and out spoken. You will incline to make enemies for want of fact. You will be a kind person. You should be enabled you to carry out your plans. You are also able to execute your plans and ambitions successfully. You are an extremely generous person. You allow your own way to oppose yourself. If anyone should try to take advantage of you, you will able to finish the person very easily. You are a person who has a great interest for outdoor life. You love the sports in all its forms.

18th April, 2014: Top 10 Career Options for Aries and Taurus
Characteristics of Aries: People who have Aries Moon Sign in their birth charts are liberal and vibrant. They have strong willpower. These people are full of enthusiasm. They are tough competitor. These people are ambitious and frank. They can motivate themselves. They have the ability to become leaders. Even they have the power to burn themselves also. Aries people have many great ideas. ...

18th April, 2014: Diseases for Ruling Number 1 2 and 3
Astro-numerology is capable of telling your bad and good times whether it is related with your present or past or future. In this article you are going to know which numbers are associated with which diseases. You are suggested that self-discipline and caution is the only path to eliminate your misfortune which happens owing to your bad health. Numerology will only indicate you what may happen. But ...

15th April, 2014: 11 Reasons in Astrology for Multiple Marriages
In the present scenario there are many examples of divorce for financial, physical or commercial reasons. Now a day females are raised in a liberal thinking in family. They are educated enough. They possess lots of awareness. And men know that. Women go to watch move independently. They read magazines, newspapers. In spite of that there are few regular burdens in horoscope which may lead to second ...

14th April, 2014: Ways to Calculate Your Marriage Time
Marriage plays a very significant role in our lives. There are many issues before a native get married. The most crucial issue deciding the moment of marriage is Sukra except Jupiter. An individual must have to think the time of marriage before predicting the period of marriage whether it is early or average or late. Antar Dasa and the passing through the planets are suitable for marriage. When guru ...

14th April, 2014: 5 Important Astrological Factors behind a Journalist
Many types of occupations are there in the world. Few people engaged themselves in making new products, some others in managing wealth or some in cooking and so on. This article is written for discussing the profession Journalism. Astrologers think in the profession of Journalism there is much more influence of Goddess Saraswati than the Goddess Lakshmi. This is the arena where a native has to know ...

14th April, 2014: 14 Vastu Tips for Happy Married Life
Marriage is a culturally or ritually identified partnership or legal agreement between two people. Rather marriage is the union of two hearts. This determines privileges and responsibilities between them, between them and their children, and between them and their in-laws. The meaning of marriage differs according to different societies, but it is generally an organization in which social connections, ...

9th April, 2014: Independent business Vs Job
Many people are reading this very article with confusion in their mind that I know. Some factors play crucial roles in deciding your career. You are confused to decide whether it is right to do a secure job or you should start a new venture of your own. Everyone thinks in his own way. But the profession or career which suits you most or provides you flourishing life is the main matter. Are you thinking ...

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