Match Making or Compatibility based on Indian Astrology.

Match making or Astrology Compatibility is based on Moon Sign which is available to you for Free from MoonAstro. There are various possible relationships between two persons. These relationships can be explained by Match Making or Astrology Compatibility. Astrology helps improving or changing relationship between two persons who possess two different birth charts. Some of the Match Making or Astrology Compatibility is discussed here. Astrology Compatibility here is based upon various reports.

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Match making or Astrology Compatibility provides not just a general but a depth study of marital compatibility. Astrology Compatibility is one of the widely spread applications of Indian astrology. But people do not realize the importance of all factors that influence it. Relationship with various people around you can be predicted on the basis of birth time in Match Making or Astrology Compatibility.

Indian Astrology is capable of predicting and providing remedies if required on relationship between any two persons from two birth charts. Indian astrology can predict relationship between a loving couple from 7th houses, moon sign, birth star, Jupiter, Mars and Venus of both the horoscopes. It can predict when two persons should marry with lucky dates. It can predict whether two persons should marry or not. It provides a score on this. If out of 36 the score is less than 18 then marriage is not recommended. Indian astrology puts lights on friendship of two boys or girls with moon sign compatibility. Indian horoscope is capable of predicting relation with co-born brother or sisters very accurately. Another important aspect is relation with Father or Mother. Relationship with father is determines by 5th or 7th house of father and 10th house of the children. It’s indeed a complex matter but yet can be done with perfection. Similarly relationship with mother can also be predicted in Indian astrology.  

Match making is made to make sure a harmonious, successful and well-balanced nuptial life. Hence the Indian marriages were long lasting and successful. But in recent time, the relationship of a successful nuptial life has fallen drastically. Love marriage is reason behind it as Gun Milan and mutual compatibility is often neglected. Though in this century the tendency of match making has increased again. Clashes of ego and deficient of understandings are the reasons for making problem in a married life. So match making is important for not only in arrange marriages but also in love marriages.

Usually match making only concerned to Gun Milan and Mangalik Dosha. Normally Magalik Dosha affects the nuptial life. Mangalik dosha is created when the planet Mars is located in either 1st house, 4th house, 7thj house, 8th house or 12th house. Only twelve houses are there in a horoscope. If the planet Mars is located on 5 houses then one becomes a Mangalik. Around 40% of the people are Mangaliks. Mangalik dosha may cause the following things- delay in marriage, problems in nuptial life, mismatch in couple’s thoughts, may cause to divorce, or death of the spouse though a Mangalik does not possess all of these bad effects. This is varying with individual. Hence one must contact with the experts and don’t make any conclusion without contacting him.