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The Vastu rules are established upon the nature’s laws. The balance, importance of Vastu may be noted from the motions of motor vehicles, aeroplane, and trains. Buses are perfectly balanced that if reduction in any one of the bus’s tyres, it may cause a terrible accident while running at a high speed. Same way, when a house is built without looking the logics of Vastu many natural disasters or accident occur. It is the endless rule of the nature and there is no place of debate.
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Vaastu The word Vastu is word from Sanskrit. It means Bhu. This is the fundamental class of existence. As the sun’s energy is concerned, the Eastern and western side are important. The significance of the northern and southern side lies in the course of magnetic wave that flows from northern pole to southern pole. So, the southern portion of every house must be higher than northern portion.

In old age, human generally built as per Vastu and they lived in happy. At that time the family members of joint family used to be very happy. But today picture is exactly opposite. In spite of small family there is hardly present happiness. As time progress, we began dismissing out ancient culture and custom. Vastu rules also are ignored. Surprisingly the south Indian people still follow the Vastu rules and they spend happy and peaceful life. They are more worldly and economically than the northern Indian people.

The logic as well as its effects is permanent. The main purpose of the Vastu is to create the life of men happier and trouble free. As the Vastu is based on the properties of the sun and earth, it is universal. Vastu is equal for all religions, all castes.

If you build a house according to Vastu guidelines, you may lead a prosperous, happy and healthy life.

Importance of five elements


It is very important to choose right land. As well as you also look at the accessibility of water, environment.


Water must be drained out at northern eastern side. Tube wells, pools etc. must be at the northern eastern side. The water which comes from toilet or bathrooms must be drained out at the northern eastern side. This side is auspicious and suitable for the water. There is gutter system in towns. The septic tanks must be at the northern western direction. Rain water must be flown at the northern eastern direction.


Southern eastern side is ideal for fire. Cooking room, fireplace etc. must be located only at this side. As northern western is at 180 degree of southern eastern side, these might be fixed at that side.


Air must enter from the northern eastern part of the house. All media of air must be at this direction.


The space acts upon greatly as per Vastu rules. We may get the mundane energies effect continuously. But building is the obstacle to the effect of open space. So the significance of lawns and roofs are underlined. In a traditional manner every home of India has a free space at the centre of the house. It allowed the habitants not only the free space but also the sunlight and ventilation of air.

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