India - Country of Temples

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   India is a country with rich heritage and culture. India not only has various beautiful destinations, but is also known for being land of temples. A tourist here would actually feel spiritualized and when he/she visits various religion Hindu temples. If you are believer of God, you can plan for a visit at marvelous Indian temples and get overwhelmed about the dedicated destinations. Even the crowd gathers in those temples plays a vital role in creating a wonderful impact on a foreign visitor. If you are really stressed out and want to get peace of mind, visiting the temples at various parts of India would be a good option. Your body mind and soul would be accompanied with a divine mood.

Some of the important Temples are listed here...







Rudranath Temple

Lakshmi Narayan

Dilwara Jain Temples

Ajanta Cave Temples

Kalkaji Temple

Lotus Temple


Tirupati Temples

Dwarkadheesh Temple


Ranakpur Jain Temples

Sanchi Stupas

Ellora Cave Temples

Thanjavur Temple


Golden Temple

Meenakshi Temple

Somnath Temple

Santa Cruz Basilica

Moti Masjid

Jama Masjid

Basilica of Bom Jesus

The temples in India can be divided into various categories. The first category would be the natural temples. Just after this, religious temples form wonderful criteria. For example, if we think about Amaranth cave, it is first discovered by a shepherd. This can also be known as natural temple as the lingam formed inside the temple is made up with the snow exclusively. This temple is known as religious as well as natural. People from different parts of the world have viewed the temple for both the cause. Some people wish to see the significance of nature inside the temple. Whereas, another group of people is associated with the intensity of religious strength. For example, at the south India, most hottest destinations are temples like Shakti peeth kanya kumari, Venkateswara temple etc which are not only great tourist destination but also gateway to heaven for devotees. These temples have got other histories and are really very effective as and when you get to know the deity of the temples presiding inside the temple.

Chota Char Dham is an important Hindu pilgrimage circuit in the Indian Himalayas around Garhwal region of Uttarakhandare, These places are not only most holy places for Hindus but also most visited places with breath taking panoramic views.





The house of meditation would be with a divine aura. You will definitely be happy to feel the presence of God as and when you are entering the premises of these temples. The control of various temples are done by various religious leaders as well as saints.

51 Shakti Peeth : According to legend, Without the will of her father King Dacha, Sati married Lord Shiva. King Daksha decided to insult Shiva to take revenge of this. King organized a yagna where he invited every famous personality without inviting Lord Shiva and Sati. Sati heard about the fact and did not believe initially and went to the yagna to confirm. But Sati, being an uninvited guest, discovered the truth. Also, Daksha insulted Shiva. Sati was unable to bear her father's insults and she committed suicide by jumping into the yagna fire.

After being heard about his wife’s death Lord Shiva became mad and he then carried away Sati's body and started dancing all over the place like a lunatic. Lord Vishnu have taken the initiation to stop the Tandava Nritya which otherwise would have destroyed the entire world.

Lord Vishnu used a Sudarshan chakra to cut sati’s body in various small parts. Wherever the parts of Devi sati had fell down in various parts of the world, the devotees have constructed temples at the particular spots and have given the names of various Shakti peethas. These are the places for Hindu pilgrimage where people from different parts of the world visit and offers prayer.

Shakti Peethh Organ and Ornament Shakti
Shakti peeth Shri Parvata Right Ankle Shri Sundari
Shakti peeth Amar Kantak Buttock (Right) Kali
Shakti peeth Amaranth Throat Mahamaya
Shakti peeth Attahas Lips Phaullara
Shakti peeth Bahula Left arm Goddess Bahula
Shakti peeth Bhairava Parvat    Upper lip Avanti
Shakti peeth Chattal Right arm Bhawani
Shakti peeth Chitrakoot Breast Shivani
Shakti peeth Deoghar Heart Jayadurga
Shakti peeth Gandaki Temple Gandaki
Shakti peeth Hingula Suture on the head top    Kottvisha    
Shakti Peeth Jallandhar Breast Tripurmalini
Shakti peeth Janasthan Chin (Two Parts) Bhramari
Shakti peeth Jayanti Left Thigh Jayanti
Shakti Peeth Jvalamukhi Tongue Siddhida
Shakti peeth kamakhya Genital Kamakhya
Shakti Peeth Kanchipuram Bone Devgarbha
Shakti peeth kanya kumari Back Sarvani
Shakti peeth Karota Clothing Aparna
Shakti peeth kirit Crown Vimla
Shakti peeth Kurukshetra Ankle Bone Savitri
Shakti peeth Manasa Right Hand Dakshapani
Shakti peeth Manivedika Two Wristlets Gayatri
Shakti peeth mithila Left Shoulder Uma
Shakti peeth Nalhati Tubular bones of the Feet Kalika Devi
Shakti peeth Nandipur Necklace Nandini
Shakti peeth Nellore Anklet(feet bells) Indrakshi
Shakti peeth Panchasagar Teeth (Lower Jaw) Varahi
Shakti peeth pashupathinath Both knees Mahashira
Shakti peeth Patna Right thigh Badi Patan Devi
Shakti peeth Prabhas Stomach Chandrabhaga
Shakti peeth Prayag Finger (Hand) Lalita
Shakti peeth Puri Foot Bimala
Shakti peeth Ratnavali Right Shoulder Kumari
Shakti peeth Sone Buttock (Left) Narmada
Shakti peeth Sri Sailam Neck Mahalaxmi
Shakti peeth Suchindaram Teeth (Upper Jaw) Narayani
Shakti peeth sugandha Nose Sunanda
Shakti peeth Tripura Right Leg Tripur Sundari
Shakti peeth Tristota Left Leg Bhramri
Shakti peeth Ujjain Wrist Mangal Chandika
Shakti peeth Vakreswar Mind Mahishmardini
Shakti peeth Varanasi Ear Ring Manikarni
Shakti peeth Vibasha Left Ankle Kapalini
Shakti peeth Virat Left toes Ambika
Shakti peeth Vrindavan Ringlets of Hair Uma
Shakti peeth Yashor Hand and Foot Yashoreshwari
Shakti peeth Yogadaya Great Toe (Right) Bhoot Dhatri
Shakti peeth Godavari Tir Right Cheek Vishveshi
Shakti peeth kolhapur Eyes Mahalakshmi devi
Shakti peeth kalipitha Right Toes Kalika

There are many tourist guides who would help individuals to locate the internal places of the temples. Some of the religious places have got numerous temples inside the premise. If you are new to the place, it would be really impossible to find out the temples. Thus a tourist guide is always present inside the premise so that people can easily make an association with a divine and spirituality.