Vastu Shop


  • Drinking Water or water sources should be placed in the north-east corner of the shop.

  • Best shops should have entrance towards east, north or north-east direction. South-east is also ok. It also varies depends on the nature of business runs in the shop.

  • Direction of the Entrance Favorable Business
    South-East Direction of fire. Any kind of explosive, electrical and electronics items, Petrol pumps, Gas shop, fast food shop, Restaurant , air conditioning, Computers, Power invertors, any shop that is based on fire or oven, fire equipments, fireworks shop.
    South-West Jewelry shop, under garments, bar, ladies items, perfume shop, cosmetics, cake, ice cream shop, meat shop, cooking utensils, vegetable shop, Heavy metal equipment shop, medical shop.
    North-West Any items that is used for friendship, communication or network. Like telecommunication Instruments, P.C.O. mobile phone and phone services, marketing related shop, stock market broker shop, sales promotion materials, musical Instruments and CDs, Pipes, wires, cable tv, ticket counter, travel & tourism offices.
    North-East This is best for any business. Specially food, textile, stationary, sweets, anything that is required to pray God, flowers, God idols.

  • Show cases (display section) should be placed in the south, west and south-west corner of the shop.

  • Sales man should face East or North direction while facing customers.

  • Electric source, electric meter, main switch should be placed in the south-east corner of the shop and the red light is auspicious there.

  • Furniture should be made of woods and iron furniture should be avoided

  • Vaastu Shop
  • Place a idol of Shree Ganesh and Maha Lakshmi in the north-east corner of the shop.

  • Shape of the shop should be square or rectangle ( not more then 1:2 ratio).

  • Cash counter is best in the north point (neither north-east not north-west corner) of the shop.

  • Owner of the shop should sit in the south-west part of the shop.

  • Place some feng-sui items in the shop as per your birth sign.

  • Shop should not be having any cross beam and no salesman should stand/sit under any beam.

  • Hundreds of year’s ego, our elders used to do business with peace and mere profit. They also used to do service in the same way. But today, definition of business has been changed. We couldn’t expect that change might happen. Everyone is running for money ruthlessly, there is no friendly competition in the business. Many problems are there. Problem of labours, hooliganism, red tapism, power cuts are some examples. There are many shopping malls to attract the commoners. The main principle of the business is to keep the words for guarantee to their consumers.

    The master of the shop or a salesman must sit at the office or shop facing at the north or east. It makes problems and provides loss if he seats facing the southern or western direction. In case of pubic market, the south facing shops are auspicious if there is any shop reverse to those shops.

    The northern direction brings a good result in business. So we must take attention at the northern portion as we can make more profit in business.

    Many shopkeepers or businessmen have been found. They are facing loss instead of their hard works.

    Business for health is suitable if the road comes from southern eastern side. Focusing the street provides a good result for shop as people are attracts by this street focus.

    Sinnghmukhi shape is that where the width of an office or a shop is greater in the front and lesser in the back. This kind of shape is beneficial and auspicious for commercial business.

    Making a bore-well or constructing a water tank at the south direction is not suitable. That will make the owner ruin and it will be the cause of deficient cash transaction. Marketing department is to be considered at the northern western direction.

    If you fixed few idols or pictures of god at the right place of mirror, it will fetch you well improved financial condition. Creating a fountain at northern eastern of the office is good. Setting an aquarium which contains 9 fishes of gold colour and 1 fish of black colour at the northern eastern side of the premises of the office is better for business.

    There must not be any slope in the main door of a shop as it reduces the chance of profit. Holy symbol must be labeled in shop’s wall. Cash counter must be placed at the north. Money box should not leave empty.

    The shop’s floor must be kept neat and clean and it must be attractive in looks. Installing Lord Ganesha and Laxmi at the right hand direction or at the northern eastern side is auspicious.

    Heavy thing must be kept at the southern western portion of the shop. It’s considered holy to keep the northern eastern side empty. Any obstacle in front of the shop is inauspicious. It makes troubles in business. So you must avoid such obstacles.