Vastu Business Office


Office is mainly built to obtain all success and profit by the means of controlling and maintain the staff in a proper manner. Vastu will help the economic development of office, maintain staff and make the atmosphere comfortable and auspicious. It clears all the hindrances in the business.

To run a successful business, Vaastu suggests some guidelines about the placements of things, seating arrangements, etc. in certain positions. Hard work may not bring luck in business. Vaastu is an attempt to clear all the negative energies and bad luck that can affect the future of the business.

Main door of the business office as per Vaastu has the following effect:

Door Facing Result
North Best result, Growth of profit and prosperity
East Good Profitable business
South Loss in business, Not favorable
West Mixed result, Sometimes profit, sometimes loss

Shape of the office or business place should be rectangular (Size not exceeding 1:2), square or circular. If the shape is triangular or irregular then it is not favourable for business. It will bring loss and downfall in the business.

Slope of the floor should be towards the back side of the place. Water should flow from front to the back. Bathroom and floor should be very clean.

North-East corner should have an idol of god. Hindus should keep Ganesh and Lakshmi in this corner. Placement of the goods should be higher than a sitting person.

West part should have heavy item placed. North part (not north-east or north-west) should be kept clean and this place may be used to store money or valuable items.

Among all the seating arrangements, seats that are facing east or North are the most auspicious and it can bring more business profit. You have to make sure important person’s seat in these directional seat.

Vaastu Office
C.E.O of the office should be sitting in south-west direction and east or north direction. Marketing team should be placed in north-west side of the building and north-west corner must be for the friends.

The Finance head, Accountant and related departments should be placed in the north and east part of the building. It is a matter of concern that it never be on the north-east. Financial records, cash and other assets have to be in the north point of the building.

Keeping bamboo plants inside the office is also considered as auspicious.

Swastik ( ) and Omm ( ) sign are considered most auspicious sign to keep in the front side of the office. Best place is to put this signs on the doors.

Water tank should be placed in the Northern – Eastern side of the office.

Toilet must be constructed in the Western or Northern – Western part. Southern – Eastern, Northern – Eastern and Eastern parts are prohibited to toilet.

Canteen must be set up in the Southern – Eastern part of the office.

Staircase is suitable in the Southern, Southern – Western or Western direction of the office. Do not build staircase at the centre of the office.

Northern- Eastern direction is suitable for Reception.

Employees must not sit beneath the beam.

Colour of the office must be bright and shining. Do not use gloomy colour.

Charming pictures may be hung on the walls of the office. Avoid evil or war pictures.