Vastu Factory Premise Tips

A shop can feed one man, a big store can feed few men, but a factory can feed many families. The main aim of a factory is to get the maximum profit of their production. Hence, the owner of a factory not only thinks for himself but also for factory workers. The heavy material of factory should be placed either at the western or southern or southern western side. Generally factory faces many problems, which is to be conduct with great care and attention. The basic problem of the factory is labour problems, problem of tax, competition in market, changes in passion, government policies etc. So it is a matter of concern that you rather we need to maintain the basic rules and tips of the Vastu Shastra to make it more profitable.

Main entrance of the factory must be facing at the eastern or northern direction. Though both the sides are auspicious direction yet northern side is more suitable. The building of the factory must be faced towards the southern eastern side of the land. We must leave some land at the northern, eastern and northern eastern sides.

Sources of water such as water tank, well or tube well must be located at the northern eastern side of the factory land. Water must flow from the northern eastern to southern western direction. We must cut the floor of the office diagonally.

Electronics equipments such as generator, transformer must be located either at the southern eastern side or at the western part of the land. This will help for smoothly operation in the factory. The factory’s office must be placed at the northern or eastern direction. At the time of discussions and dealings, the factory owner must face the northern or eastern direction for extra benefit.

Raw material of factory must be stored at the south. Finished materials must be stored at the northern western side’s room of the factory.

Parking slot is given at the northern western or northern eastern side. Though you can only keep light vehicles such as motor cycle, cycle at the northern eastern area. The parking slot must not have any shed.

The supervisor of the factory must sit at the northern western side of the office room. Management stuff except labours must sit at the northern or eastern side of office. Quarter of labour and staff must be built at the northern eastern side of factory. A temple of god is auspicious at the northern eastern side of the land.