Gujarat Holiday 2024

Gujarat is the fifth-largest state of India with a vast coastline on the western ghats. It is a great state with several historical sites dating back to the Indus Valley civilization. Navratri is the biggest festival that is celebrated with the utmost enthusiasm all across this state of India. It is celebrated on a span of nine days that celebrates the nine forms of the goddess Durga. People fast on the better part of these nine days or avoid food grains for nine days straight to pay their tribute to the shakti godess. All the prayers are aimed at garbo, a small clay plot symbolizing the womb of the family and the whole universe. Gujarat witnesses Dandiya and the Garba dance extensively during Navratri. There are a lot of competitions, flea markets, music, and food to celebrate this festival. On the 10th day, the garbo or deities of Durga are immersed in holy water.
Rann Utsav is another beautiful festival of Gujarat celebrated in the great rann of kutch. It is a salt marsh located in the Thar desert. It witnesses great music, Gujarati folk dances, food, and a great celebration. Other famous festivals of Gujarat include Uttarayan, Shamlaji Melo, Vautha Mela, Rath Yatra and many others.