Goa Holiday 2024

Goa is a small and beautiful state on the southwestern coast of India, It is famous for its beaches, nightlife, heritage, and cultural attractions among both national and international tourists. It is also a bid-diversity hotspot owing to its geographical location on the Western ghats. Goa celebrates a number of festivals and fairs all year round. The most famous and widely celebrated festival is the Goa Carnival. It is celebrated for three days around the month of February. Carnivals are a Portuguese tradition and the Goa started during the Portuguese occupation of Goa. However, since it became a part of India, it has been celebrated with the full influence of Goan culture and heritage. It is absolutely enthusiastic festival that involves food, drinks, dance, music and a whole lot of fun.
Since Goa has a majority of the Christian population, Christmas is celebrated with extreme joy in this state. The various churches of Goa lit upon these days to mark the birth of Jesus. More festivals that are celebrated in Goa are New Year’s Eve, Feast of Saint Francis Xavier, Three kings feast, Grape Escape, the food and cultural festival, and many more celebrations. People from around the world come to witness these beautiful celeberations.