Name and synonyms of the temple: An ancient term in Sanskrit “kharjura” and “vanhaka” has got the origin of this temple. The ancient name of the temple was Kharjuravahaka. The term Kharura means date palm and vahaka is the term means a living or non living thing that can carry.

It carried on its religious significance until the fourteenth century. It was forgotten after that. The remoteness of this place probably protected it from the violation of the Muslim vanquishers who generally destroy the Hindu monuments.

A renowned British Engineer, T.S Burt came to this place in 19th century. General Alexander Cunningham was so impressed with the view that he put Khajuraho in the world’s map. The world heritage site as mentioned by UNESCO includes Khajuraho group of monuments. Khajuraho

Place: The perfect location of Khajuraho group of monuments is within the state of Madhya Pradesh. The temple is having its establishment in chhatrapur district. If you are from New Delhi, you just need to travel a distance of 629 km to reach this place.

The wonderful tourist destination is also known as a group of medieval Hindu temples. Also some Jain temples are located within the Khajuraho group of monuments. It is listed to be one of the

“Seven wonders” of India.

Description: The area is enclosed with wall from all the sides. There are total 8 gates for tourist enter and exit procedure. The gates are made of two golden palm trees in the either side. You can visit total 80 Hindu temples once you get inside the gate of the campus.

Among them, 25 temples are carried on with the activity of preservation. You will bw amazed to see such a wonderful Indian architecture which has got popularized for the facts related to physical relations of people during the medieval period. Local people around this temple are aware of the preservation and keep the temple in the best way they could.

Another interesting fact about Khajuraho temple is the material with which the temple has been made. The builder of the temple was refrained to use mortar. Rather, the exclusive architectural design is built on sandstone.

Special information about this place: Some of the Rajputs have moved towards the east of central India. And then they started ruling of North east portion of Rajasthan. The individuals were known as Dhundhel during the ancient times. Later on after their rule they have made an editing act in their original name and called themselves as Bundelas and Chandelas. Historically Bundelas and Chandelas are known to be founders of Khajuraho temples. There were worshipers of Mahadev or shiva which gave rise to many Hindu temples.

The sculptures are sensual and explicit scenes of love of men and women. The Khajuraho Temple is divided into 3 complexes. The Western side is the largest and well known. It is containing the outstanding Shaivite Temple Kandariya Mahadeva which is 31 meters high, collection of structures and turrets climaxing in a steeple. Modern day Khajuraho is small village which is serving the tourist business with an airport and some hotels. It is the perfect destination for marriage couple.