Names and synonyms of the temple: Gangotri is known as the point where the river Ganges was originated. in Hindu religion, pilgrimage of Char dham is really very sacred for people located at various parts of the world. GangotriIf an individual would need to cover all the places of god and goddesses, the best way is to make an association with char dham circle and all their desired would be fulfilled.

One of the circuit or char dham pilgrimage would include Gangotri. The name Gang has been acquired from Devprayag which have got an association with Alaknanada.

Also it is very fascinating to know that there is another holy river known as Guamukh which have got a set in at Gangotri Glacier.

Place: The name of the town with Nagar Panchayat which is situated at Uttarkashi district is known as Gangotri. This is also a place that is located at the state of Uttarakhand in India. The town is totally dedicated to Hindu pilgrims. The sacred town is also located at the bank of Bhagirathi River. People know about the river as the greater Himalayan range which have got an approximate height of 3,100m.

Description: If you can look at Hindu mythology, Ganga Maa had taken the shape of the river which in other hand would absorb sins of the predecessors of King Bhagirathi. GangotriThere is another history that involves King Sagar with the slay of demons with the Ashwamedha Yajna. A horse was supposed to be driven to an interrupted round journey on earth. This was in turn accompanied by 60,000 sons of the king. All the descendants were born in association with the Queen Sumati. GangotriOne son was born to the queen kesani and this was the only son. Indra in the other hand was having a fear of the fact that he would be deprived from the popular and sacred yagya.

Other interesting facts about the temple: Gangotri is a place with a dense forest and the Bhavishya Badri.

Individuals will also be able to visit the pilgrims trek at Tapovan. The idol of Narsingha is really very powerful. This is an idol of half human and half lion. According to the belief of general people, there will be a day when the current route of Badrinath would not be accessible and the popular God Badrinath would be worshiped over here.

People visiting Gangotri would be able to clean all the sing in Holy river Ganges.